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Historical punishments

Law Enforcement in the Past
Historical information about old punishments.

Stocks and Pillory Society
The aims of this Society are to teach and inform the public by historical re-enacment and living history the true meaning of what being "set in the stocks" or being "pilloried" meant. They attend shows throughout the UK of various types from medieval fairs to major historical re-enacments.

Eija-Riitta's sites

My good friend Eija-Riitta has various websites.

Model & Guillotine Museum
Wall's unique museum.

The Berlin Wall
The Berlin Wall and objectům-sexuality.

Objectum-sexuality and Liberty Page
More about objectum-sexuality.

Busan's Home Page
Visit Busan's site. If you love cats this is a "must" site.

Internet postcards
Here you can find cards that you don't usually find on other sites.

Cynthia Morrison's sites

Escapology, jousting, magic, feats of there no end to Cynthia's talents?

Cynthia's main site
This has links to Cynthia's other sites.

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