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Sacsayhuaman Archaeological Park
CUSCO TRAVEL: Sacsayhuaman Archaeological Park is Located 3 km north of the city of Cusco (Qosqo) on top of a mountain, Covering Approximately 3,000 hectares, In Which There Is a rich Andean flora and fauna, highlighting the Presence of llamas, kestrels and hawks .
Archeological Cusco in Peru, continue to offer new discoveries and Recent research (2009) Have Been Finds new value in this areaSacsayhuaman (satiated Hawk Quechua)
Colossal masterpiece of Inca architecture.


Cusco travel:Impressive megalithic ruins, Situated atop a hill Overlooking the north of the city. Historians of the Spanish Conquest Purposes military attributes, Then went on to Become religieuse, and finally in the workplace. The walls are made of huge blocks of stone Reaching up to 9 m. tall, 5 m. wide and 4 m. thick, the largest HAVING an Estimated weight of 125 tons, the visitor will wonder how Carried They Could Be There. The union of the huge rocks assembled Were Perfectly Without the use of mortar. The main wall is made of three Successive zigzag walls, the second and the third overlapping the first.
(cusco travel) Platforms Have An average of 360 m. long and are connected by Stairways and doorways. The Inca's throne is Surrounded by rocks in front of the Bastions Overlooking the esplanade and the "rolling", Located on the same plateau.


Cusco travel:Sacsayhuaman Was the scene of important historical events, Especially During the Spanish Conquest. In ITS main plaza is Celebrated Every year the evocation of Inti Raymi.

cusco travel:It is Located 3 km from the Plaza de Armas in Cusco, and Can Be Reached by a walk, or access the road peru cusco - Pisac.

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