The Star Palace
Hello, I am Palis, the builder of this sometimes odd home.
Feel free to roam around; I'm a very open person.

Another November, another NaNo over.
I came in around 10,000. Not their set goal, but my "real sick for two weeks so I'm happy" goal. And yes, you can read it
You are currently in the foyer.
Any one of these rooms are just as good as the others, none being better or worse.
The Dance Studio     You never know just what dance will be happening. The ballet could be in rehearsal, the nymphs & dwarfs may be having a snowball dance, or it could be just you.   
The Library      My small collection of stories and pomes.
The Entertainment Center      Reviews of plays, ice shows, and what not. Also a list of good movies.    
The Hall       I know a hall is not much, but fill the walls with photos of the ones you love and...
The Small Theater     A room filled with mementos from my days on the stage.
The Courtyard     A place of coming together, uniting, sharing. A link to others around us.
The Garden     A place quite outside of everything else.

Coming Soon
The Music Room
The Garden

If any of the rooms are blocked, Please let me know so I can remedy it as soon as possible. Thank you.
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