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since the installation of this Counter on November 10, 1997
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The Kingdom of The OverSeer is designed for viewing on 600 x 800 screen resolution.
The Kingdom is composed with Front Page 98 so will be viewed best using Internet Explorer version 5.0
The Kingdom is graphically intense so download times will be a little slow.  Your patience is appreciated.
Thanks be to you for taking the time to drop by.  If you have the time, please leave your enscription upon the Scrolls of Rubicon (guestbook)




The Kingdom of The OverSeer is a Fantasy Kingdom with lots of
fantasy art graphics throughout.

The 3-D text images were created with a program called Font FX. 
The images used in the creation of the graphics are originals of various
fantasy artists.  The images were scanned from trading cards and altered
with Paint Shop Pro 5.0

The fantasy artists who's work was used for the graphics are
Boris Vallejo, Michael Whelen, Louis Royo, Ken Kelly and Clyde Caldwell.

There are a number of web rings which this site is a proud member of. 
Two in particular that I would mention now.  One is my own web ring which is
called the Road of Kings.  It is a web ring of fantasy sites similar to this one.
The other web ring is the Rainbow Dragon Ring which is run by Lady Camelot.
This ring has it's own forum called the Rainbow Dragon Ring Forum in
which I actively participate. 

In this forum, Both Lady Camelot and I give tips and answer guestions about
how we made or altered the graphics that can be found in our kingdoms. 
There are a lot of nice people there and I would like to invite you to come and
be a part of our growing family.  It's free and it's fun. 

Thanks again for visiting the Kingdom of The OverSeer.  You can enter the
Kingdom by clicking on the center graphic above or by following the main site
links found at the bottom of this and all the pages of the Kingdom.

"Be Ye Well"


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The OverSeer wishes to extend to Geocities his most heartfelt thanx for hosting the Kingdom of The OverSeer. We in Ashtaroth fully intend to put the extra space that Geocities granted to us to good use.

Thank you Geocities.

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