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Takapau goods Shed

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The former Takapau Goods Shed, built in 1877, is shown here in its new guise as a farm shed near Ormondville. 

This building played a key role in initiating the preservation of Ormondville’s rail heritage precinct. Wayne Haste, then of Ormondville, won the tender to dispose of the Takapau Goods Shed in 1981. This photo indicates the conclusion of that task. When he heard in 1985 that Ormondville’s Goods Shed was also fated for demolition, he started the process that subsequently led to the establishment in 1986, of what is now Ormondville Rail Preservation Group Inc. 

The Ormondville “resistance movement” on the goods shed issue influenced a change in NZ Railways’ policy, as previously no consideration was given to leasing such buildings on site. In the past, redundant buildings had always been demolished or removed, as occurred with Takapau’s Goods Shed.  (Photo: Bob Brooking, 16/1/2000)

Last Updated: 27/8/2001

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