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Grant's Sawmill's log chute

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The bottom portion of the log chute at Grantís mill, near Ormondville. George Grant relocated his sawmill to this site in 1886, after fire destroyed his mill at Takapau in December 1885. This mill, which was connected by a lengthy wooden tramway to the Ormondville Station yard, processed logs from an area that resulted in an uphill haul to the station yard. 

The mill was established in the location it was, because milled timber weighed considerably less for towing purposes than whole logs. The newly felled logs were dragged to the clifftop shown here in the distance, and to a site in line with the groove in the hill shown here. They were then sent down the chute - a sloping bridge-like construction - that extended to the groove in the closer hill. From there, they slid onto the receiving skids, before being rolled into the mill for processing. (Photo: Bob Brooking, 16/1/2000)

Last Updated: 27/8/2001

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