Welcome to the Dreamscape.
This is a Faery Wicca site dedicated to make knowledge available to those who seek it.
Know that by entering this site, I am not trying to convert you.
You came here of your own accord, and the knowledge I offer you can take or leave behind.
If you go any further into this site than this cover page, I only ask of you one thing in return for my writings:
That you sign the guest book and answer a few questions in it.

In this site, you will find such pages as:

What Wicca is
What Faery Wicca is
Uses of Magic and it's Place
Theory of Otherkin
Energy and its use
Abuse of Magic
and alot of other topics.
If you think theres a topic I havn't covered in this site, let me know and it will be included.
To enter the site, click the picture.
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