A Step Through Time

"Conspicuous Consumption with Elegance"

Reconstructing Historical Dress

Venetian Patrician Women's Dress

Late Sixteenth Century

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Principles of Design

1555 Titian

1560 Veronese

1570 Veronese

1580 Vicellio





About the Designers

Further Reading


Cesare Vecellio's Costume Plates Circa 1590

Winter dress of Venetian women at home and outdoors

Album Amicorum of a German Soldier 1595 Los Angels County Museum of Art

Venetian Lady as She Appears at Home

Experience this unique dress style of the cinquecento.  Discover the lost dress code of Venetian Patrician women at home and about the town.  As there are no known extant dresses from this time in Venetian history we must look to other sources to uncover the true nature of this style.

"Conspicuous Consumption with Elegance"


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