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28  November 2005   

Special Announcement!


My partner, Michael and I, are proud to announce the birth of our son, Ashleigh Louis Neill Lane.  Weighing in at 5150 grams, or 11 lbs 5 oz, and measuring 56.5 cm at birth.  His birth was all natural, and both dad, Michael and big brother, Nathaniel, were there throughout the labour and delivery.  Ashleigh has captured all of our hearts.

I have taken the year off from my university studies to be there with Ashleigh in his first year.

Ashleigh Louis Neill Lane

Less than 48 hours old


27 August 2005

After requests of photos of me whilst pregnant I have changed my front page.  These photos were taken a few days before I found out that my partner and I were expecting our first child together.  I am hoping in the next couple of weeks to have finally made a new addition to my maternity and beyond wardrobe.  I will naturally post photos when it is all done.


13 July 2005

A new page dedicated to the works of my apprentices.


25 June 2005

A night out with two of my lovely apprentices.  See how beautiful they looked on the night.


01 June 2005

Mio Ragazzo, mio figlio and myself had a visit to the hospital today.  All good I am glad to report.  WE had another ultrasound of the baby today and this time my new little master work had definable arms, legs, torso, head and heartbeat. Bub is VERY active and when a little bigger I am going to get kick lots.  All seems to be healthy and normal, which is exactly what we wanted to hear.

Not that you can make a lot out of the ultrasound image, the on the left is the head and a small hand in the back ground waving hi, the torso is to the right.  To hard to get a fix on bubs face to tell if it has mine or Michaels chin and nose as yet.

25 May 2005

My web page might be moving.  Mio Ragazzo and I were discussing options last night for my web page and he seemed very keen for me to buy a domain name and thus move my web page to a larger and better site.  When we firm up what is happening I will let you all know.  That means if you have me book marked or linked to you might consider changing the details.  Stay tuned for details.


23 May 2005

My apprentice The honourable Lady Katerina da Brescia, who resides in the Barony of Innilguard, received her Grant of Arms from TRM Stephen and Mathilde. It was also heart warming to hear that HRM Mathilde finally got a chance to talk with THL Katerina as her Grandmamma.  As Mathilde was my laurel, in SCA terms she is Katerina's SCA grandmother.  Happy Dances all round.


17 May 2005

Only 2 and a half weeks of uni left before the mid year break.  I am so looking forward to that time.  I have some major plans for that time that include:

It looks like my mid year break is fully booked.  Oh well I will do things like fall in love and have babies.


13 May 2005

A new look to the front page.  There are still some adjustments I want to make to it, but I felt a slight change to the look was in line.


06 May 2005

Dyeing exhilarations. I have finally dyed some chenille brocade that I have had in my stash for a short while.  It was a lovely gold colour, but as I had another brocade in that colour I elected to over dye it with black and cross my fingers.

The results are stunning.  The chenille has taken the black while the flat of the fabric didn't take much of it at all.  The result is a very striking black and gold pile brocade, that is probably the closest I can ever get to a cut velvet. The pattern is a very large repeat.

I also threw in some blue cotton lace that I bought at Rowany festival.  The blue was not useable but the black is very usable for my purposes.

Maybe this should be my first gown after the baby is born, with a sexy point lace partlet?  


04 May 2005

I have taken another apprentice.  Lady Antonia of Politarchopolis.  I seem to have a thing for collecting arts and sciences ministers.  Lady Antonia is our baronies Arts and Sciences minister.

Lady Agnita Loredan de Rovigo, of the shire of Borderscoss is the Arts and Sciences minister for her Group, and Lady Katerina da Brescia, who resides in the Baroney of Innilguard, is the Lochac Arts and Sciences Minister.

I have also consulted with my ladies in waiting and we are forgetting that title and going with apprentice.  It makes everything so much simpler.


26 April 2005

Two simply stunning laces won off ebay.  About 9 metres of the first lace, and 3 metres of the second lace.  I am planing on joining the two of them for a wider more stunning effect.

They are naturally of a design true to sixteenth century styles of lace, and are 100% cotton.


16 April 2005

I have loaded my University paper on Byzantine Luxury Goods.  This essay has also been published in cockatrice, the Lochac Arts and Sciences magazine.  Soon I will add my reproduction of one of the necklaces reproduced from this research, and the accompanying earrings along with the extant earrings these were based on.  


14 April 2005

Small update to the Blue Gown.  


30 March 2005

New images!  And an update.  I have spent some time today scanning some Venetian  images I didn't have digitised and have put some of them into my Turkish Coat documentation page.

Also in the news...  did the pee on a stick test this morning, 2 lines.  Mia Ragazzo and I are having a baby.  Due late this year, early December.  Everyone is over the moon with joy at this news.  Now I know why my corset didn't feel right.


28 March 2005

PHOTOS finally of me in the Blue GownMio fabuloso Ragazzo helped dress me and then photographed me.  Isn't he wonderful.  I am getting him trained as a ladies dresser.  But I am not allowing him to practice on any other ladies.  Considering he is not SCA I think he did a pretty good job.


23 March 2005

Small update on my  Blue Gown.  I have finished all my ruffs!  The shoulder and the neck ruffs.  I now have all my outfit done.


21 March 2005

I have been  working on my standing ruff made from the off cuts from my neck ruff.


20 March 2005

I finished the remake of Leontina's Venetian dress so that she can take it to festival, and made her a rather pretty little partlet or linen, lace, embroidery and drawn thread work to go with her dress whilst there.


18 March 2005

  I borrowed this little image from the Live Journal of marymont.  Why?  Because there are times when despite best efforts, some people will never get the point.  These people are like little children in many ways.  You use small words and big pictures, and they still don't, or wont, get the point.  In the resulting frustration you feel like clipping them behind the ear and saying ............


08 March 2005

Small image update to my  Blue Gown.  Better images soon  I hope.


08 March 2005

Jennifer Thompson runs a great web site, A Festive Attyre which along with her own wonderful work and research she features a different textile artisan each week.  This week I was asked to be featured again on her site, this time for my Turkish Coat.  Thanks Jen!


26 February 2005

I am happy to announce that my lady in waiting, Lady Agnita Loredan de Rovigo, of the shire of Borderscoss, received her well deserved Award of Arms this weekend.  Congratulations, and well deserved!


20 February 2005

I am happy to announce that I have taken two apprentices and two ladies in waiting.  Lady Giulia del Monte, of Politarchopalis has been a student of mine for many years, as well as a great and trusted friend.  I am proud to call her my first apprentice.    My other apprentice is Leontia d'Moulin, a very busy lady with a goal.

My ladies in waiting, whom I am mentoring until we both have time for the mistress apprentice relationship to be upheld is, Agnita Loredan de Rovigo, of the shire of Borderscoss.  She is a lovely lady with loads of enthusiasm.  And Lady Katerina da Brescia, who resides in the Baroney of Innilguard.  She has her own web page and is extremely motivated.

These ladies are my official students.  This is not to say that I will not teach others if they seek my help or advice, rather these ladies have my ear first.


09 February 2005

My links page has been updated to include direct links to FREE out of copywrite publications that are relevant to what I do.  These are all hosted by the Computer Science Department of the University of Arizona, USA.


07 February 2005

I have finished my shoulder ruffs for my Blue Gown.  I will get photos soon, I will ask Mio fabuloso Ragazzo to do them for me. 


31 January 2005

I am happy to announce that I have taken an apprentice and a lady in waiting.  Lady Giulia del Monte, of Politarchopalis has been a student of mine for many years, as well as a great and trusted friend.  I am proud to call her my first apprentice.    My lady in waiting, whom I am mentoring until we both have time for the mistress apprentice relationship to be upheld is, Agnita Loredan de Rovigo, of the shire of Borderscoss.  She is a lovely lady with loads of enthusiasm.


21 January 2005

I have a new entry on Blue Gown.  I have been experimenting further with ruffs.  


18 January 2005

A new  page has been set up for all my non Venetian dress and the early years dress.  This is due to the lack of space on my primary server.  Same stuff different web address.


16 January 2005

A new research page on the Venetian Ruff.  This follows hot on the heals of the designing and making of the gown for HM Mathilde, Queen of Lochac.  


04 January 2005

Happy New Year all.  

I have a new page on my Blue Court Gown.   


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