Oonagh's Own   

Rowany Festival AS XXXXI Market Day   


Some of the Goodies you can expect to find on offer from me this year include.....

These braids are from a local craft shop, the Crafty Frog, in Kambah.  The owner brought these back from a recent trip to Turkey.  

Prices are as yet to be announced, but will be cheaper than any future prices due to these not having incurred duty or freight costs.

Sized range from 1.5 cm to 5 cm in width.

The fibre content seems to be mostly rayon and some metallic threads.

Suitable applications for these are:
  • Greco/Roman, 

  • Eastern, 

  • Byzantine, 

  • Elizabethan, 

  • maybe some Italian.  

  • Naturally braid is a great thing for tizzing up any T tunic

There are some other braids that I will be bringing to tempt you with. 

and there are lots of other lovelies that haven't made it to the page.


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