My Lace Making. 

2nd attempt at lace.  24 bobbins, 2 colours, 2 different thicknesses of thread.


From Le Pompe, 1558, plate 16 a. Lace pattern as it was from the book which I enlarged and elongated, then used as my pricking (the pattern for the lace fully prepared with holes ready pricked). 
Colour coded to show where my plats will go.   Finished lace before ironing to shape it. finished 21 May 2008, 7 days from beginning to end.  Scale is 7cm base to tip and 2.5cm wide.


    This is the 3rd attempt at this particular design.  The first I used thread too thick for the the size of  the pattern.  2nd the pattern was too small for me to see what I was doing.  3rd, approximately 8 cm wide, works for me.

    Take 3 on this lace was begun 15 May 2008.  I am managing to get 1 ponit done a day.  There is on average 4-5 hours per point.  I imagine this will become less as I become more proficient at the art.  Time down to 1-2 hours per point at the end, depending on distractions.

    Technically this is a better piece of lace than my first because I am keeping all my groupings of bobbins, 4 bobbins to a stand, together.  In my first lace they went all over the place at the beginning.

    This lace will be a set of cuffs for a Venetian gown.


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