My Mask


This mask was made for a Valentines ball.  Hint to any who would hold a Masque, NEVER hold it in the hotter months.  

The inspiration for this mask was a combination of Venetian carnival and Elizabethan conceptual sketches for masques.  The more authentic method for mask construction is most likely molded leather.  

This mask is made of reinforced plaster, using strips of plaster bandage as the base.  Molded over my face and extra pieces added and the smoothed out with more plaster to achieve a relatively smooth finish.  Petroleum jelly and plastic cling wrap was applied over my face first to ensure that the plaster came away cleanly.  The cling wrap made sure that the petroleum didn't get into the plaster, I didn't know what affect it would have if any.  Plaster of Paris is too course, I used pottery plaster as it has a much finer grain to it.  For an even finer finish dental plaster could be used.  As the plaster grain becomes finer the cost rises.  For the beak I shaped some card board and then plastered over it the same way as the rest of the mask was done.

Once dried it was painted and then the feathers were added.  All of the feathers are peacock feathers.  The hairy type at the front is from the stem of the peacock feather, while the feathers coming off the back are peacock spears arrange in either the left or right pattern.  Gold ribbon hold the mask on.

When this mask was made I did the base process for 6 other people.  The absolute best one was a devil mask in my opinion.  The horns were great.  When to owner painted it up it was simply stunning.  He painted it gold with black accents.  I went fabulously with his black and gold doublet and Venetians.  If I can get a photo of he and his lovely wife together in their masks I will add them to the page.

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