Renaissance Earrings



For as long as man has sort to adorn himself he has found ways and places to put adornments.  Ear piercing is a long tradition whose origins are lost in time.  From tribal cultures to the courtly grandeur of sixteenth century Europe, men and women alike have chosen to wear earrings.

The earring seen in the mid to late sixteenth century is of a pendant style.  That being, either a single gem, or a metal jewel with gems set in and/or suspended from them, hanging from an ear wire in the form of a hoop.

The vast majority of earrings I make use real pearls or semi precious gems. Shepherd hook ear wires have been used for many as a modern compromise.  The suspended gem is the main focus.

Hoops that have beads on the hoop wire are glass beads. Venice was famous for it glass production then and now.  Both glass and all the gems used were available in the time frame being represented. 


1530 Da Carpi Portrait of a Lady

1580 Livinia Fontana Portrait of a Noble Woman

Catherine of Austria, Queen of Portugal. 

Portrait of a Lady (Possibly Countessa Lucia Albani Avogadro) Approx. 1557-60 National Gallery, London, by  Moroni


There are many more earring designs I have made.  I have delved back in time to some other lovelies. 

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