Underwear Collegium 


The Naked Laurel

19 September 2004

I was lucky enough to present a small and fun collegium to members of our Barony about pre 1600 underwear.  The essence of the content can be found on my page 'The Gruesome Truth".  It al looked so innocent to start with!!  A suit case full of undergarment, handout notes, a block of chocolate and a dress laurel dressed as you see above.  Then the fun started.

For some time I have had a reoccurring nightmare about presenting a collegium in my underwear.  On this day my nightmare became the nightmare of seven ladies with a  sense of humour.  We had a great time looking at undies, eating chocolate, laughing and exchanging ideas.

Yes you may take it that I presented this collegium in my undies.  Scary but true!  Yes I do have a sense of humour and adventure.  I am pretty sure that the ladies all thought I was joking when I said we were going to sit around in out undies and talk about pre 1600 underwear.  They soon realised I was serious.

This was a very hands on experience.  Every one got to hold and inspect all manner of undergarments and see what they looked like when worn.  Handouts also helped give context to the wearing of garments in the time frame they were based on.

Now for them to make lots of alluring renaissance undies!!!


Notes for this class are now available online.


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