Now for the reality, I'm Deborah, and I live in wonderful Canberra, the capital of Australia. I was born and raised in Brisbane, Queensland.   The move to Canberra was a climate shock. In high school I failed sewing horribly, but romped it in with Art.   After joining the Army they suggested that I move to Canberra from Brisbane with my then husband.  I have had a varied career, ranging from the Army to my own business as a Faerie and an Eastern Dance instructor.   I have been a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a pre 1600 historical group, since 1994, in the Politarchopalis sub branch.

I am now  mother of two wonderful sons, Nathaniel who is 17, and 6 foot 1 inches high (he is loving being taller than me), and my youngest son, Ashleigh, 2 years.   2003 I finally seized the opportunity to do something Iíve long wanted to do, go to University and study.  I enrolled at both University of Canberra and, Australian National University ,  in a Bachelor of Arts.   2004 however, was blessed by having been accepted into the Australian National University for my full time study.  I am majoring in Art History, Curatorship  and Anthropology.  My Husband, Michael is the most wonderful man I have every know.


Nathaniel when he was four and a half and, at 12 and a half.



Ashleigh at 48 hours and at 8 weeks.  Look what I found in the pumpkin patch!

born 28 November 2005

5150grams 56.5 cm

This website is my attempt to share some of my passion for the recreation of historical dress.  I am not going to reinvent the wheel by telling you the same information you can find in any number of good books or other sites on the net.  (See my links)  Nor am I going to claim that the way I do things is the only or, the definitive way of doing things.  These are the ways I have chosen to achieve the results that you can see in my work.  Results achieved through years research, and years of trial and error. (Yes there has to be errors along the way, that is where some of the greatest discoveries have come from, they are also very grounding experiences.)  There are variations in the way historical dress may be recreated, only very few things are set in concrete as it were.  

I have a list of links and online galleries for you to peruse at your leisure.  This site is here to share with you my love of dress and some insight as to my process for achieving the end product.  Something that you will find different about my site is I will share also the occasional "Blooper" that occurs from time to time.  Unfortunately at the moment I am still learning about making WebPages so I have a lot of tweaking to do, I started learning as a mid year personal project in 2003.  Enjoy your time here and please, donít hesitate to email me with any questions or comments.



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All intellectual content, composition, layout, designs and photographs, unless otherwise noted are copyright 2007 to Deborah Lane ©, or, copyright 2003 to Deborah Murray © also known as Mistress Oonagh O'Neill ©. All Original renaissance art works and artefacts are not copyright to Deborah Murray, and are shown for educational use only .  If you see something you'd really like to use, please contact me!      

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