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Backgrounds, Tiles & Borders
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tile -beige marbled tile -purple blue  linen tile- beige linen tile -marbled biege smooth tile- dark marbled beige

tile- light rose crosshatch tile- light linen grey tile green linen crosshatch tile - light teal linen crosshatch tile- smoothed bluish marbled

tile -grey tile -grey tile -grey tile -greytile -grey

tile- green tile- green tile- green tile- green tile- grey green marble




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Also by the OTC Artist:
Drawings by Janice Moore. Not a part of this Graphic Library!!! But, you are invited to take a peek at them anyway. They are a part of my personal Site, which Andy has nothing to do with -- *Grin* --. The collection consists mostly of fictional (though inspired by ancient history & legends) characters from my SeekerWorld Stories.

CheeseBit Cartoons
  CheeseBit Cartoons, Billiard Art...Featuring the OTC Billiard Mouse. Same as my SeekerWorld Drawings; in that they are not a part of OTC's Virtually Free Web Graphics Library.



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