Dodge Charger and Plymouth Turismo
Production Period: 1978-1987
Produced by: Dodge, Plymouth, Shelby
Engines: Dodge/Volkswagon 1.7 Carb (4-cyl.)
             Chrysler 2.2L Carb and F.Injected
             Chrysler 2.5L Fuel Injected
             Chrysler/Shelby 2.2L-2.5L Turbo I-II-III
Vehicle Type: FWD Hatchback Sport Coupe
Differant Models: Dodge Omni 024, Dodge 024, Plymouth Horizon TC3, Plymouth TC3, Dodge Charger, Dodge Charger 2.2, Shelby Charger GLHS, Plymouth Turismo, Plymouth de Tomaso, Plymouth Turismo Duster.
(Dodge [Omni] 024 and Plymouth [Horizon] TC3)
Shelby Dodge Charger GLHS
What would we do without Dodge? Weed still have Plymouth! This Charger family, only related by name and idea to the Muscle Car, was the the new type of muscle car in the 1980's. As soon as the Dodge Omni in 1978 was in production Dodge found that they should make a sport vesion of the family hatchback. Thus they made the Omni 024 and Horizon TC3 sport hatchback (had a 1.7 in them).
Plymouth Turismo
Soon after in the early 80's the look and design of the front fascia and rear began to change, so did the name and engine. They turned into the Charger and Turismo equiped with a new front and engine (2.2L). Then the respectable Carroll Shelby comes along, and taking a speical liking he transforms the Charger into one mean lean Mustang eating machine. The Shelby Charger GLHS was equiped with a Shelby/Mopar Performance engine, performance everything, quality leather interior and a dash signed by Mr.Shelby himself.
Dodge Charger 2.2 (this is what the 024's and TC3's looked like)
With this turbo engine the Shelby Charger has very impresive performance, and also it is very fast. By 1987 both the Charger and Turismo were cut out of production, however not without a bang. Only 1000 Shelby Charger in 1987 were made, so basicly, this became a very rare, very wanted car, espeically since they were equipped with an intercooled 2.5L Turbo II, a very powerful engine. All in all Turismo's and Charger kick @$$!, awsome performance, coo looks and of coarse: MOPAR PERFORMANCE. Now that's a car that can eat Civic's ;).
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