The 1984 Dodge Charger (Turismo) Restoration Project
It all started with a casual stroll down to the junkyard. Crouse now is walking along with his hands in his pockets and looking around, there she be, a 1984 Plymouth Turismo (2.2) siting on her gut shining with glory from the gods (no it was not literaly shining or glowing). Asking how much the ol' girl would cost it turned out to be a meer 25 smacks. So Crouse said "now young fella get that now thing on your truck", and they did and hauled it to the Crouse's residence. Now Crouse is think'n "Mmm, dow there Scotty, she's related to the Omni, it's a Dodge and it kicks ass". So, he's a think'n that if the motor isn't shot, the floor is weldable and the thing only needs some body work and minor drive repairs she might just be a fancy fellar on the road you see. And that's how see started.
Here the 84' Turismo is, fresh from the junkyard and equipped with a back axle.
The Chrysler 2.2L Carburated HOC Engine. We estimate as is that she churnes out about 100-110 ponies. Not bad for a 2.2 Carb. Espeically since the car weighs very little. (The lighter the car the faster it will go than a car that is heavier if they have the same engines.)
To be Continued...
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