Dodge Shadow, Plymouth Sundance
Production Period: 1986-1994
Produced by: Dodge, Plymouth, Shelby
Engines: Chrysler 2.2L F.Injected
             Chrysler 2.5L Fuel Injected
             Chrysler/Shelby 2.5L Turbo IV
Vehicle Type: FWD Family Sedan/Coupe
Differant Models: Dodge Shadow, Shelby Dodge Shadow CSX, Plymouth Sundance, Plymouth Duster(Sundance).
Dodge Shadow
The Dodge Shadow and Plymouth Sundance, the replacemnet for the K-cars and Omni's. After the success of Dodge's new concept of American Family cars (K-car/Omni) Dodge decided to move on out of the K-bodies and make a new family sedan out of the L-bodies. With this emerged the Shadow equiped with a 2.2 or 2.5 F.Injected given it lots o' power, enough to smoke the new generation civics (yes we hate civics as you can see). (Ironicly even though the Shadow can equipped with a more powerful engine, the K-cars had better performance than the Shadow's becouse they were a tad too heavy.
Plymouth Sundance
Later on in the late 80's Carroll Shelby soon took a likeing to the Shadow. From this likeing he designed the most powerful production Chrysler 4-cyl Turbo, ment for the also newly designed Shelby Shadow CSX.
These Shadows are very rare to find, and they have extremly good performance. Anouther "Speical" model of these cars is the Plymouth (Sundance) Duster. The Duster simply was only a Speical Edition Sundance with nice options and a slightly boosted engine. Overall Shadows are coo (and can kick Mustang @ss ;).
Shelby Dodge Shadow CSXX
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