Dodge Aries n' Plymouth Reliant
-- The K-car's
Production Period: 1981 - 1989
Produced by: Dodge, Plymouth..
Engines: Chyrsler 2.2 (4 cyl) Carb and F.Injected
             Chrysler 2.5 (4-cyl) F.Injected
             Mitibitsi 2.6 Hemi Carb (4-cyl)
Vehicle Type: FWD Family Sedan, also       advailable in a "Sport" Coupe.
Diferant Models: Dodge Aries-K, Dodge Dart-K, Plymouth Reliant-K
The K-cars, yes a sleek boxy lean mean mustang eating machine with 100+ beefy hourses. The K-car was originally designed by Chyrsler to combat the increase in forgein compact family sedans and to save the company from near bankrupcy becousae of the decrease in demand for big muscle cars in the late 70's. In a whole the K-car was hugely successful, with its new K-frame design it set the basis for many future Chrysler cars (LeBaron, Spirit, and somewhat the Shadow).
Also the profits the kcar's made for Dodge saved the company from bankrupcty and gain the upper hand in the auto industry. One of those upper hands was the Minivan (Caravan, Voyager) which was based of the K-car. Overall the performance of K-Cars is quite surprising. With one passenger it can beat off any car on the road, espeically with the 2.5 or 5-Speed manuel. The car is very light and since it is a 4-cylinder the fuel economy is good even by today's standards. Beware Stang owners, whatch out for the K-car passing you!
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