Yorozuya Toukaidou Honpo

By Saenagi Ryou

Chapter 9 Part 4

Dear Fragments

Translated by Kudou Omi

Note: I like Shinku, I hope we’ll see him in future chapters! (I still have to buy volume 5!) Apart from that, nothing much to say, I’m hungry, it’s my last day before I start working again… ^^;


S’s mother: "Who are you?"

Shinku: "What… do you mean, mom…"


Yoshitsune: " Hey! Stop joking…."

Kaori: "Shima-san! She really doesn’t recognize him…"

Yoshitsune: /Was it that? The reason why Shinku’s father hid the place where his mother lived…/

Mr Himura: "I see… She didn’t recognize him. I thought I had explained her…"


Mr himura: "When Michiko left, I changed job at once. Six months later, when I was collecting data in Oosaka, I heard about an hospitalized woman who looked like her. But it was already too late… The doctor said she had fainted at the train station; She wasn’t seriously wounded, but she had lost her memory. Her own birthday, her family, her life… She seemed to have lost every information about herself. Furthermore, there was no proof of her social status, so the hospital couldn’t contact anyone."

Shinku: "But she remembered Kyou!!"

Yoshitsune: "Seems like she remembered a public event." /That’s why that time…/

Mr Himura: *flashback* "To remember you so well."


Mr himura: "I went to see her right away…"

Doctor: *Himura’s memories* "Here is your husband."

Mr himura: "Michi…"

His wife: "I… I don’t know this man! I’m not married!"

Mr Himura: "We could only wait for the recovery of her memories. Each time I went to see her, I told her more about our life together. Even if I showed her pictures, of me or of Shinku, she couldn’t remember anything."


Mr Himura: "To give Shinku at least the impression that she was fine, each month I sent a picture of her and a message after work."


Shinku: "You deceived me?! To keep me smiling… you made a fool of me!"

Mr himura: "I thought he would be hurt if he knew she had forgotten him. It hurt me." /Her eyes that showed rejection…/ "But I knew there were limits to the falsified letters."

Letter: Good bye, Shinku. This is the last letter.

Mr himura: "After all, I was only trying to avoid facing the problem."

Yoshitsune: /This person…/


Yoshitsune: /…was being hurt only because he knew the truth./

"Isn’t it great? The commercial will be chosen among the ones of the last selection!"

"I’s a good idea!"

kaori: "What’s happening, Shima-san? You look gloomy."


Yoshitsune: "I wonder what Shinku thought of what his father told him. I…If I kept serene dealing with his mother up to now, I thought it was because of his father’s help."

Kaori: "Indeed. At first he didn’t want to hear about it."

Yoshitsune: "I’ve never experienced such a case of memory loss. There was a time when no one could accept it. Someone kept on calling, but no one would help."

Kaori: "Was it after the arson…?"

Yoshitsune: "Yeah. Should they be numerous or not, there are always hurt people."


Yoshitsune: "What are you doing!!"

Kaori: "Moron! You’ll make the costume dirty! Don’t show this tension to Shinku and his parents. If you’re sad, this family will become gloomy."


Kaori: "But you can cry when I’m here."

Yoshitsune: "WhaI won’t cry!!"

Woman: "We’ve got a problem! Shinku hasn’t arrived yet!"

Man: "Uh?" You’re serious?"

Yoshitsune: "Has he left home?"

Woman: "Seems so, his father is confused too."


Kaori: "Shima-san!"

Yoshitsune: "I know! I’ll fetch him! Don’t worry and do your job!" /That idiot! Where is he? Could it be… that he went to see his mother…?/


Yoshitsune: "The last selection for the commercial has begun."

Shinku: "It’s none of your business."

Yoshitsune: "What are you saying? Hurry up! You can still arrive on time!!"


Shinku: "There’s no sense doing this commercial! She forgot everything about me!!"

Yoshitsune: "Then why did you come here? Because your will to have her remember you hasn’t changed. Right now, if you made this commercial, you’d be unable to express your anxiety."


Yoshitsune: "Like in your mother’s favorite phrase, you should try your best."

Michiko: *flashback* "Is it alright? Shinku, if you don’t give up until the end, then grant yourself some rest. You can find a plus even in a painful situation."

Mr Himura: "Shinku!!"


Mr Himura: "I’m so glad! I thought something had happened to you!"


Shinku: "You… you didn’t try to look for mother… But I can forgive it!"

Yoshitsune: /Shinku understood, his father’s pain and his tenderness./


Shinku: "Sorry for being late!!"

Woman: "What were you doing, Shinku…"

Shinku: "Could you please give me a chance?"

Man: "Time’s over, I can’t disobey orders."

Yoshitsune: /Is it really impossible…!?/

Kaori: "Please accept."

Man: "Kyou? I can’t do it even if you’re determined. I won’t change my mind."


Kaori: "I’d win without a real contest. The other candidates may not agree too, but even more, I can’t accept this."

Man: "… if it’s only a try…"

Shinku: "ThThank you very much!"

Man: "But don’t expect much! You don’t have much chance now."

Shinku: "It’s fine with me. I can’t give up midway."

Yoshitsune: "Kaori-chan! Nice follow-up!"

Kaori: "I seriously though it."


Yoshitsune: "Then, only remains his mother’s memories."

Shinku: /That guy, Shima… he gave me a call…/

Michiko: "Shinku-kun?"

Shinku: "Mom… Michiko-san!?"

Michiko: "Hello! Shima-kun called me, he said that the commercial you competed with Kyou to play in would start being aired today?"

Shinku: /That guy…/ "But mine won’t."

Michiko: "Really?"

Shinku: "I was a bother for the staff."

Young woman: "Aaaaaaaah!"


"It’s Kyou! He’s in CT’s commercial!"

"Isn’t it great?!"

Shinku: "Of course, Kyou is impressive!"

Michiko: "You’re right."

Shinku: "It’s the result of his hard work…"


Michiko: "Shinku-kun…"

Shinku: "Uh…"


Shinku: "…!! It’s my…!?"


Shinku: "Mo…Mummy?

Michiko: "Isn’t it great? Since you’ve worked hard, you’ve found a plus!"


Shinku: "Have you remembered something!?"

Michiko: "Uh…? What…?"

Shinku: "No… nothing." /It can’t be that easy./

Michiko: "Well, what about going back home?"

Shinku: "Uh? Already…!?"


Michiko: "Your father is… waiting for our return."


Shinku: "yeah…"

Yoshitsune: "I hadn’t expected them to use both commercials!"

Kaori: "Well, Shinku’s was beautifully done! Even if he became kinder, what plus did you find?"

Yoshitsune: "Me? I basically did it for my self-satisfaction. I just can’t let down worried people."


Yoshitsune: "I’m still looking for the reason why I live."

Shinku: "Hey! You were here!!"

Yoshitsune: "Shinku…!!"

Shinku: "There’s one thing I want to say… Thank you! See ya!"


Kaori: "Isn’t it enough? To do it for yourself."

Yoshitsune: "Yeah!" /To be useful to someone… This is the greatest plus I can get./

Chapter 9 – Owari!

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