Yorozuya Toukaidou Honpo

Chapter 5 :

Sweet Silence


Translated by Kudou Omi^_^

About the translation: Finally I abandoned the renewal of signs ( like ""). I think it’s still easy without this system, and it’s more convenient for me. :P Tell me if you disagree, I will think about it twice.

Also, I’m improving a little (I hope). I try to translate less word by word and to make it more understandable for minna-san. It’s a loooong way to perfection ne? My translations, for now, are rather bad compared to many I saw online for other manga. When I’ll have much improved, I’ll edit them again. I’m not skilled enough to translate the postscripts yet, they’re handwritten and there are no hiragana to know the pronunciation of the kanji… You don’t have any idea of the time it takes me to translate each chapter! ^^; Still I do them for fun, and to work my Japanese (and my English! Lol), and I hope you enjoy them.

With this chapter is the first whole volume I’ve ever translated! See you in the next one! Ja ne!


Yoshitsune : " ……… Kaori, you’re serious when you say you want to enter ?"

Girl in the background : Kyaaa ! Impossible !

Girl 1 : "What do you wanna eat today ?"

Girl 2: "I think I’ll have ice cream."

Kaori: "But Shima-san, isn’t the client inside?"

Yoshitsune: "Yeah… In that cake shop…" There are lots of women… *sweatdrop*


Girl 3: "Look! This girl, she’s the one from the athletics club who…"

Girl 4: "Heee…It’s really her?"

Yoshitsune: /What…? This girl…She looks angry…?/

Kaori: "Shima-saaaan? Let’s go~~~~!"

Yoshitsune: "Yeah!"

Kaori: "It’s ok if we look happy!"

Yoshitsune: "It’s not a place where two men would go!"

Someone: "Hey! Shima-kun! Kaori-chan!"


Yoshitsune: "Hu? HA! HYUUGA!!"

APP: *sitting in the shop* "Not Hyuuga! Call me APP. You’re noisy as usual"

Yoshitsune: "Why are you here??"

APP: "I had a request for a job"


Yoshitsune: "WHA___________!?" You wanna steal our job?!

APP: "It’s not my fault! Haven’t I helped you before?"

Yoshitsune: "Whaaaaaaaat? For this matter, repeat it as ‘Hyuuga Shuuhei’!!" *takes off his wig*

APP/Hyuuga: "!! Shi… Shima-kun! Give it back!"

Yoshitsune: "Do you still have self-confidence without your disguise?"


Yoshitsune: "Besides, don’t you owe me something?"

APP: *puts his wig back on his hair* "Probably. I thank you for having mediating with my girlfriend. But as for when I’ll give it back, WILL BE CHOSEN BY ME ONLY!"

*text near the arrow: ‘looks down on him’*

Yoshitsune: "WHAAAAAT!!"

Kaori: *holding a piece of cake between Yoshitsune and APP* "Shima-san! Look! It’s a cake!"

APP: *as Yoshitsune happily eats the cake* "He’s your pet?"

Kaori: "If you give him food he’ll settle down."

Someone: "Are you the people from Yorozuya Toukaidou Honpo? Nice to meet you."


Man: "I am Sweet’s confectioner, Tanabe Haru."

Kaori: "I am Suruga Kaori."

Yoshitsune: "I’m Shima Yoshitsune. Did you also call APP for the same work!?"

Haru: "Forgive me, but…"

APP: How impolite!

Yoshitsune: "But?"

Haru: "Because you’re both jack-of-all-trades, first of all I depend on you and…"

Yoshitsune: "YOU!" *nerve popping* "Ok…Tell us what’s your request?"


Haru: "I would like you to catch ‘the Demon that Cuts Hair’."

Yoshitsune: "Hair…?"

Haru: "Yes. The students from the Purple Orchid Girls School not far from here have been his victims."

Yoshitsune: "The scene of the crime is in this area?"

Haru: "Yes. It seems the demon first frequently acted at the back gate of the school But a few days ago, he made a victim at the main entrance. She had a very nice pony tail, it really suited her. I won’t forgive him…"

Kaori: "……"


Kaori: "Tanabe-san, do you happen to love this girl?"

Haru: *blushing* "HE~!? Wh…why?"

Kaori: "But you seemed to admire her…"

Haru: "You’re right. Here’s my request: The number of customers coming to my shop decreased. Actually, I want to be more confident. I decided to cook western style cakes."

Yoshitsune and APP: "Ok! We accept this work!"

Yoshitsune: *to APP* "It’s the end of it. Give me back what you owe me right now."


Haru: "Well, how much should I pay you to catch the criminal?"


APP: "So what do we do? Lure him?"

Kaori: "I have my idea on the subject…"

Yoshitsune: "Kaori-chan…"

Kaori: *to Yoshitsune* "Just for once, we’ll dress you as a girl!"

Yoshitsune: "It’s not the first time!!"

APP: "Hee… Looks like fun!"

Haru: "Let me take care of the clothes. My younger sister is a Purple Orchid student."

Girl1: "Hey, this guy…"

Girl2: "Isn’t he Kyou, the model?"

Yoshitsune: *hiding Kaori* "Well then, we’ll go back home. The actions will take place tomorrow."


Yoshitsune: "Ha?"

Kaori: "What’s wrong?"

Yoshitsune: "That girl…She’s still here…"

Haru: "!!" *runs out of the shop* "Tsuda-san!"

Tsuda: "Hello! You have customers today, it’s unusual!"

Haru: "You came to visit?"

Tsuda: "Hu? Sorry, but I have to go to my club. Bye!"

Haru: "Ha…" *she runs away*

Yoshitsune: "Tanabe-san"

Kaori: "This girl is the one you love?"


Haru: "Yes. Her name is Tsuda Miyuki. She was always standing in front of my shop, so I invited her each time. She entered only once."


Haru: "Please help yourself." /Please say my cakes are good/

Miyuki: "It’s beautiful isn’t it?"


Haru: /But she didn’t even touch her piece of cake/

*end of flashback*

Haru: "Then, each time I invited her, she never came in again. She didn’t seem to like the cakes I made. She seemed to hate my confidence."


Yoshitsune: /Is it possible that her angry face was…/

Haru: "I have a dream… I would like to bake a cake for her, one more time. To see her looking happy as she eats it."



Yoshitsune: *dressed like a Purple Orchid girl* "Shall we begin?"

APP: "SCARY!!" Are you sure he’s not a woman?

Kaori: "This time’s disguise is straight!"

APP: "What’s under your skirt?"

Kaori: "Hey! hey!"

Yoshitsune: *undisturbed* "Short pants"


Haru: "I count on your efficiency."

Yoshitsune: "I’ll take care of the Purple Orchid school, you two have a look at the train station and the area around the shop."

Kaori and APP: "Ok~!"

Yoshitsune: *now alone* /Really… Now that it’s the hour for shops to close, there are no pedestrians in the streets. It’s perfect to commit a crime. This is the way to the back gate…/


*there’s a man with a cap kneeling on the road*

Yoshitsune: "Wha…?"

Man: "Your leg. Your walking on my coin."

Yoshitsune: *giving him the coin* "Sorry" ^^;

Man: "Thank you."

Yoshitsune: /It was nothing. I thought he was the Demon./

*once Yoshitsune is behind him, the man takes scissors…*

Yoshitsune: "!!" *he dodges an attack* "Bastard!!" *another attack, Yoshitsune grins, which surprises the other man*


*Yoshitsune uses his bag to violently hit the man in the face*

Man: "Ouch…"

Yoshitsune: "Sorry, I hit you?"


Yoshitsune: "You were there…"

Kaori: "You’re always noisy aren’t you?"

Yoshitsune: "With this, we can have our reward…"


*Yoshitsune’s wig was cut*

Yoshitsune: "Ha! Bastard!" *the man flees*

APP: *stopping Yoshitsune about to chase the man* "It’s useless. It’s my part now." *chases the man and shouts to the others:* "Wait for me at the shop!"

Kaori: "Haaa…"

Yoshitsune: "Damn!"

*at the school main gate*

APP: "He came as far as the main gate?" I wonder where he ran… "Maybe he ran inside the school?"

Miyuki: *her wooden katana on APP’s shoulder* "Hey! What are you doing?"

APP: "Tsuda Miyuki."

Miyuki: "Hu? Were you at Sweet yesterday?"

APP: "Yeah. You’re part of the kendou club?"

Miyuki: "Yes! By the way, who are you?" And what were you doing?

APP: "Haa…"


APP: "The guy who attacked you and cut your hair, have you seen him run this way?"

Miyuki: "Hu? He appeared here? At the main gate…"

APP: "He passed by the back gate? Besides, you have been attacked at the main gate, right?"

Miyuki: !!

APP: "It’s ok. Come with me."

*back at the shop*

Miyuki: "Whaa! Your decoy plan failed?"

Yoshitsune: "But he’s really a tough one. Is you kendou strong?"

Miyuki: "Ha…"


Miyuki: "I wouldn’t be so afraid if I saw he had a knife."

Yoshitsune: "Hu…?" /a knife?/

Haru: *joining them* "Shima-kun, you came back? Why… Has Miyuki-san been attacked again!?"

Miyuki: "N… You’re wrong!"


Miyuki: "I… I don’t want Tanabe-san to worry…"

Yoshitsune: "Miyu…"

Haru: "It’s… useless."

Yoshitsune: *as Miyuki runs away* /Miyuki… is lying. The criminal’s weapon isn’t a knife. It’s scissors./


Yoshitsune: "APP!"

APP: "Yes, Shima-kun?"

Yoshitsune: "Have you realized something?"

APP: "You mean that lie?"

Haru: "What have you understood?"

Yoshitsune: "No…nothing." *Haru walks away* *to APP* "Miyuki didn’t have her hair cut by the Demon?"

APP: "Probably."

Yoshitsune: *grin* "Ho! It’s rather rare to see you hesitating!"

APP: "But I don’t know the reason."


Haru: "Excuse me, could you please taste this dish… Hu?"

APP: "Shima-kun is already gone. He rushed to try to meet other victims."

Haru: "Haa… Then this will only be for you…"

APP: "Haa… a western style cake?"

Haru: "Yes."

APP: "It never really changes whichever store made it." *tastes the cake* "Hu? I see, that’s it!!"


Kaori: "Hu? He went to Purple Orchid?"

Haru: "That’s what he said."

Kaori: "Ok, I’ll join him there."

Girls: *as Kaori gives them an autograph* Kyaaa! Thank you very much!

Kaori: *outside the shop* "I wonder if he took yesterday’s way to go to the school. Miyuki-san!"

Miyuki: "Kyou."


Kaori: "Walking back home?"

Miyuki: "Yes, my club activities just ended."

Kaori: "This coffee…" Seems good!

Miyuki: "Hu? Ok then, I’ll give you a treat!!"

Kaori: "Thank you! This bitterness tastes good doesn’t it? Hu? Is it possible that Miyuki-san…"

Miyuki *noticing something behind Kaori* "Hu? This person… he’s coming here…"


*the man with the cap cuts Kaori’s hair*

Yoshitsune: *not far away* "This man looks suspicious…"

Miyuki: "KYOU!!"


Kaori: "Ha, my hair…"

Miyuki: "Are you ok!?"

Kaori: "Yeah. It’s something usual in drama…"

Miyuki: "It’s not the problem!!"

Man: "Hey you! Are you the boyfriend of yesterday’s girl? I won’t let your pretty face like this!"


Yoshitsune: *kicking the man* "Bastard!!"

Kaori: "Shi…"

Yoshitsune: "Damn! You cut Kaori’s hair!!" *hits the man*


APP: "Wait! It’s enough!"

Kaori: "Shima-san, you didn’t need to be that angry…"

Yoshitsune: "You’re the one too kind." *to the bitten man* "Hey! Have you flirted with Purple Orchid girls before? The victims told you this image of a flirting man suited you?"

Man: "But…They were always saying horrible things about me… No one is good enough for the Purple Orchid girls! That’s why I wanted to revenge!!"


Man: *to kaori* "You too look like a man chasing women!!"

Kaori: "It’s ok with me if you apologize to Miyuki-san."

Miyuki: "!!"

Man: "Wha… I don’t know that girl!!"

Yoshitsune: "It’s probably true, kaori-chan. Miyuki, you’ve cut your hair yourself haven’t you? Because you love Tanabe Haru."


Miyuki: "I’m sorry!! I… I love Tanabe’s eagerness in his work. I have always been watching him. That’s why… When I saw Tanabe-san was worrying for the victims, I became envious, and I imagined this lie…"

Yoshitune: "But because Miyuki used the way from the front gate, you said that the Demon had moved from the back gate."


Miyuki: "When I learnt that the number of Sweet’s customers was decreasing, I regretted everything."

Haru: *flashback* *his hand turned to Miyuki* "Tsuda-san"

Miyuki: "That’s why… I… I only wanted to be close to Tanabe-san."

Yoshitsune: "You had many chances to taste what Tanabe-san had cooked. Was the door of this shop that heavy?"

Miyuki: "It’s…"

Kaori: "Is it because of this?"


Kaori: "This is the explanation."

Yoshitsune: "A can of coffee? Black coffee! Miyuki… you don’t like sweet food?"

Miyuki: "Yes. I don’t like sweet food since childhood… Even the only time I entered the shop, I couldn’t eat the cake. I hurt Tanabe-san."

Yoshitsune: "It’s just another lie. You hid this and accumulated lies. It quickly became too heavy for you, and you could no longer escape…"


Yoshitsune: "Anyway you can erase everything now. Don’t you think so?"

Miyuki: "…Yes! I’ll go and apologize to Tanabe-san right now!"

APP: "But…"


APP: "It’s ok if you apologize tomorrow. Tanabe-san has a very open mind. Shima-kun, I admit that this time Yorozuya won. And kaori-chan’s hair has been cut too! It’s important isn’t it?"

*back at the shop*

Haru: *as Miyuki enters* "Welcome! Please come here. I would like you to taste this pie."

Miyuki: "Ha… but I…"

Haru: "You prefer black coffee don’t you? I cooked this for you. A meat pie."


Haru: "Please eat."

Miyuki: "Yes!"

Yoshitsune: *the 3 guys watching through the window* "We did it. That’s why you said we had won… Well it seems Tanabe-san has some intuition!"

APP: "He wanted to introduce a cake that wouldn’t be sweet. In other words, he cooked it just for Miyuki."

Kaori: "APP won on the production right?"


APP: "Next time we meet I’ll win. Most of the time I don’t really want to work." Today was special. "See ya!" *runs away*

Yoshitsune: "Grrrr… Next time we’ll make a perfect win!"

Kaori: "What about having a piece of cake?"

Sweet Silence – Owari!

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