Yorozuya Toukaidou Honpo

By Saenagi Ryou


Chapter 10: Dead End


Translated by Kudou Omi


Note: It’s APP’s come back! Yaaaaaaaay!



[APP (All purpose) means almighty. It is the name of the main character of a current bestseller.]

[He’s very self-confident and domineering.

This wealthy information; his judgment;  his discernment compose his wonderful strength.]

[He’ll solve any request from persons who call his name.]

[Actually… the novelist Kariya Shoukichi gave birth to this fictional being…]


Yoshitsune: “Kaori-chan!! You’re late! I wonder if  a photography seance is delaying him. I hope he’ll arrive before the client.”

Girl: “Could you please stop?”

Yoshitsune: Hn?

Boy: “Let’s have a date!”

Girl: “I refuse, like last time. Stop following me!”

Boy: “Let’s have a date just once, then you’ll think about it. Okay? What about tomorrow?”

Girl: “No, I…”

Yoshitsune: “I can’t stand obstinate men, pervert!”

Boy and girl: “Eh?”


Boy: “Wh… who are you…!!”

Yoshitsune: “Fool! I’ll beat you if you don’t stop!”

Boy: “Kids shouldn’t interfere in that matter!”

Yoshitsune: “What!?” Who’s the kid?

Girl: “Wait! Please stop it! Ha!”


Kaori: “Really, Shima-san, I take my eyes off you and you already fight.”

Yoshitsune: “Kaori-chan!”

Boy: “What? Kyou’s friend? Don’t interfere into other people’s matters!”

Yoshitsune: “What’s with that guy?”

Kaori: “Are you alright?”

Girl: “Y… yes! Kyou-kun, you didn’t come to school today too, did you?”

Kaori: “We’re in the same school?”

Girl: “Yes, but actually…”


Girl: “I’m the new student who transferred one month ago, Kariya Mayuko!”

Kaori: “I’m sorry, I had a lot of work and could hardly go to school…”

Mayuko: “No…”

Yoshitsune: “’Kariya’… you’re our client?”

Mayuko: “What? But then you’re…”

Yoshitsune: “I’m Yorozuya Toukaidou Honpo’s Shima Yoshitsune. Kaori-chan is my assistant.”

Mayuko: “Eh? Really?”

Kaori: “I haven’t told this to many people.”

Yoshitsune: “By the way, Mayuko! That annoying guy, who was he?”

Mayuko: “Ha! He’s Kazuma-kun, from 6th class. He’s confessed to me right after I arrived, and I refused, but he’s still trying…”

Yoshitsune: “He’s too obstinate!”


Kaori: “Kazuma is that sort of guy…”

Yoshitsune: “You know him, Kaori-chan?”

Kaori: “We had physical education together. He gave the feeling to be mature and silent.”

Yoshitsune: “Hm? Maybe his personality can change? Now let’s move to our main problem… what’s your request?”

Mayuko: “I want you to find a manuscript.”

Yoshitsune: “A manuscript?”

Mayuko: “A copy of ‘Over’, the last volume from the APP series by Kariya Shoukichi.”

Yoshitsune: “Hn? Kariya?” Can’t be…


Mayuko: “He’s my father.”

Yoshitsune: “You’re the daughter of this bestseller’s writer!?” great!

Kaori: “But isn’t ‘Over’ supposed to be released tomorrow?”

Yoshitsune: “But then, the copy you ask us to look for…?”

Mayuko: “Actually, the night before the deadline, I made a copy of the manuscript without permission.”

Yoshitsune: “And it’s this copy that is missing?”

Mayuko: “Yes. I couldn’t find it. Three days ago, I had bought it with me and… I realized it when I came back home. I’ve looked for it at school and all, but couldn’t find it. Then, that evening, someone phoned…”


“Cancel the release of Over. If you don’t accept, the people around you will be hurt.”

Mayuko: “I couldn’t even identify their sex, their voice was changed by a machine. My father also heard this call. I hadn’t told him about the stolen copy, so he said it was strange… I was really careless and I regret everything now…”

Yoshitsune: “Don’t worry! We’ll undertake this request!”


Mayuko: “Thank you very much!” I’m really really sorry!

Yoshitsune: “Hey hey! It’s okay! But this threat… are you planning to suspend Over’s release?”

Mayuko: “I think it won’t change the end of the APP series. APP dies in Over.”

Kaori: “HUH?! Could it be the end?”

Yoshitsune: “Oh yeah, you said you’ve been really into it recently…”

Mayuko: “I also replied the interview in the magazine!”

Kaori: “Do you also read the APP series?”

Mayuko: “YES!!”

Yoshitsune: /they’re full of passion …/


Yoshitsune: “I wonder if the man who threatened them is also a huge fan of APP. His motive may be ‘I don’t want it to end’.”

Yoshitsune/Kaori: “Talking of huge fans… Hyuuga Shuuhei!!”

Mayuko: “Is he that huge a fan?”

Yoshitsune: “Yeah, he even pretends to be APP. Not only the name, but he also makes the same job as us as a Jack-of-all-trades! He’s an annoyance to my business…”

Kaori: “Shima-san is suffering from a one-sided animosity.”

Yoshitsune: “Of course! He said he would give me back what he owed me, but never did!!”

Kaori: “Isn’t it hopeless?”

Yoshitsune: “Uh? Anyaway he’s highly suspicious!!”

Kaori: “Yes yes.”


Kaori: “By the way, why did you make a copy?”

Yoshitsune: “Didn’t you want to read it before everybody?”

Mayuko: “Y… yes.”

Yoshitsune: “Never do it again.”

Mayuko: “Sorry!”

Yoshitsune: “Hn?”

Kaori: “What?”

Yoshitsune: “No… I felt we were somehow observed… HA!”


Yoshitsune: “That guy was still there?”

Kaori: “If you worry, we’ll take you back home.”

Mayuko: “EH?!”

Yoshitsune: “You’re right, even if Mayuko’s safe until the release tomorrow. Now I have to make sure about him…”


Yoshitsune: “It came out?”

Kaori: “It came out.”

Mayuko: “Good morning.”

Kaori: “Hi!”

Yoshitsune: “Alright. Kaori, you go to school with Mayuko. I’m going to investigate around this shop that Mayuko often visits. Bye! Be careful!”

Kaori: “Yeah.”


Yoshitsune: /I really think it’s impossible but… If Shuuhei knew that APP died in the novel, how big would be his shock?/

Someone: “Shimaku~n!”

Yoshitsune: “Ah? Waa!”


Yoshitsune: “APP!?”

APP: “It’s meee! *heart* So long no see!”


Yoshitsune: “Why are you here? Could it be that you really…!?!”

APP: “What are you talking about?”

Yoshitsune: “The one who stole the copy of ‘Over’ Mayuko had made.”

APP: “Stolen?”

Yoshitsune: “right!”

APP: “You’re trying to find it for Mayuko?”

Yoshitsune: “Yeah”

APP: “That’s strange, no one told me about that when they explained the request.”

Yoshitsune: “HA…!? THE… REQUEST…?!”


APP: “From Kariya Shoukichi, her father!” *heart* “I have to protect Mayuko from the guy who gave that threat call.”

Yoshitsune: “Mayuko would have said a word about…”

APP: “She doesn’t know! It’s just that I noticed that she entered in contact with you guys from the Yorozuya.”

Yoshitsune: “HA! It was you that I felt observing us!!”

APP: “Hoho! So you noticed it this time? Kariya and me decided to hide from you.”

Yoshitsune: “You~~….”

APP: “Shima-kun, it’s not the right time to slack off!”

Yoshitsune: “Eh?”


APP: “Someone left this picture in Kariya’s mailbox.”

Students: “Kaori!! Kyou!! Hoo? You came with Mayuko?! What? It was for real? Since when…”

Boy: “Kaori, you became such a fast guy…”

Kaori: “What are you talking about?”

Boy: “Look at this! Look!”


picture: the famous model and the best seller novellist’s [daughter]

the beginning of passion!

Mayuko: “What!?”

Kaori: /it was taken yesterday…?/

Students: “It’s been sticken on the blackboard since this morning. We thought it was a joke!” What a shock!

Mayuko: “Er… excuse me…It’s because I asked him…”

Kaori: “Don’t tell them.”

Mayuko: “But because of me you’ll be disturbed!”

Kaori: “Don’t worry about me, I’m alright.”


Yoshitsune: “Ha! You’re here, Kaori!!”

APP: “Youre so noisy, Shima-kun!”

Mayuko: “Eh?”

Kaori: “Wha… what are you doing here?”

Students: “Hey! Doesn’t this person look like APP?” “Fool! It’s only a novel!”

APP: “Naturally, I created him!”

Students: “HUH?!”

APP: “This time, I’ll play together with Kaori-chan, the APP series is going to bemade into a movie!”

Students: “Seriously? Kaori is going to play in the bestseller movie!!”


Kaori: “No way, Hyuuga-san! It’s still a project!!”

APP: “You’re right!” You can be scary, Kaori-chan!

Mayuko: “That’s why he came to help my father yesterday”

Students: “Then this picture…”

Kaori: “A TRICK”

APP: “Isn’t it?”

Students: “What? It’s disgusting!”

Kaori: “It was better to lie…”

APP: “That’s what Shima-kun thought.”

Mayuko: “Now that you mention Shima-san, where is he?”

APP: “Did he left to go and look for Kazuma-kun?”

Teacher: “Suruga! Long time no see!”

Kaori: “Se… Sensei!”

Teacher: “Who’s that showy man?”

APP: “hum…”


Yoshitsune: “Hey! Bastard, this…”

Kazama: “Why are you here…?”

Yoshitsune: “Don’t think about it. You’re the one who sticked that on the classroom board, right?”

Kazama: “Yes.”

Yoshitsune: Huh?


Yoshitsune: /He recognizes it so quickly…/ “But don’t you love Mayuko?”

Kazama: “That’s ended. It had no meaning.”

Yoshitsune: /meaning?/ “What are you talking about?”

Kazama: “Nothing… but I realized it when I saw Kariya-san yesterday. She loves Kyou.”

Yoshitsune: “Mayuko loves Kaori-chan!?”

Kazama: “That’s right. Shouldn’t you thank me instead?”

Yoshitsune: “Wha… Bastard!”


Yoshitsune: /That guy… he’s fast!!/



APP: “Can’t you stop making such a fuss?”

Yoshitsune: “But he’s wro…”

APP: “We’re being chased after.”

Yoshitsune: “Hu? Who?”

People: “You’re here! Foreigners!!”

APP: “The teachers decided to zealously train day and night. Let’s go! Hurry up!”

Yoshitsune: “From the window!?”

Kazama: “…APP…”


Kazama: “He should be dead…”

APP: “Shima-kun!”

Yoshitsune: “Hey! It’s dangerous!”

People: “Monk… like monkeys…”

Kaori: “Seems like they had to leave.”


people: “Suruga~~~! We told you not to bring stuff relating to your job at school!”

Kaori: “Sorry, I’ll be more careful.”

Mayuko: “I’m really giving you troubles.”

Kaori: “Mayuko, you made this copy for me...?”

Mayuko: “!! You realized it…?”

Kaori: “Somehow… Kazama? He looked stunned…”


Mayuko: “Here! Please help yourself!”

Yoshitsune: “Waa! Looks good!”

Kaori: “Sorry, you made two more dishes for us.”

Mayuko: “No, it’s just that I made too much today.”

Yoshitsune: “Why?”

Mayuko: “Well… I heard Kaori-kun lived by himself.”

Yoshitsune: “HA! That’s right! You’re in love with Kaori-chan!”


Yoshitsune: “Ouch! What’s with you? Kazama said so!”

Kaori: /Moron! Don’t say unnecessary stuff!/ “But don’t say it before her!!”

APP: “That’s because Shima-kun is still a kid!”

Yoshitsune: “Wha~~t!?”

Kaori: “Here they are again…”

Yoshitsune: “And you’re the one who says that!”

APP: “Wa… Ha! Shima-kun! Give it back! Sorry! Are you alright?

Mayuko: “No, it was a kind of declaration.”

APP: Shima-kun, please give it back…

Yoshitsune: you’re really…

Mayuko: “It was a wig?”

Kaori: “You thought he really was APP?”


Mayuko: “Yes, but he really looks like the APP from the cover illustrations. When you entered the classroom, I thought the real APP had appeared! I was really surprised!”

Hyuuga/APP: “Th... thank you.”

Yoshitsune: /The real APP had appeared...? That’s it!!/

Kazama (flashback): he should be dead...

Yoshitsune: “What Kazama said...”


yoshitsune: “He spontaneously thought Hyuuga was APP. Moreover, Kaori-chan said he was just a plain boy. And when Hyuuga changes into APP, you really think it’s him.”

mayuko: “but I’ve never heard about him being a fan...”

yoshitsune: “... strange alright... He should have told about it to the author’s daughter above all...”

APP: “What if he aimed at Mayuko because she’s the author’s daughter? He could have tried to make friends with her.”

Yoshitsune: “Yeah, to hide his real motive... Now I can understand what Kazuma said.”

*flashback* “there’s no meaning.”


APP: “why is there no meaning?”

Yoshitsune: “Maybe it’s not because he knew it would be the end of the APP series.”

APP: “You’re talking about Over, right?”

Yoshitsune: “Where did you get it from?”

APP: “Mr Kariya gave it to me yesterday when he hired me, I’ve already read it all. You thought I got it another way?”

Yoshitsune: “Huh? But say, Mayuko...”

Mayuko: “Yes?”

Yoshitsune: “Eh? Hey... that’s...!?”

Mayuko: “It’s different than the copy I had! Then it must be...”


Yoshitsune: “Kazuma had the same source of mistake than Mayuko...!!”

Kaori: “You mean that if he had read the definitive version, he wouldn’t have attacked?”

Yoshitsune: “I wonder... He read the copy because he thought the story wouldn’t change. There’s a strong probability that he’ll aim at Mayuko until he knows the truth. I won’t let him go this easily.”

APP: “What are you planning to do, Shima-kun?”

Yoshitsune: “Well...”


Yoshitsune: “Sorry, but we’ll have him meet Mayuko.”

APP: “But don’t you think he’ll kidnap her?”

Yoshitsune: “It’s okay, we’ll give him something else to bite.”

Kaori: “Thank you.”

Kazuma: “It’s not your fault.”


Kazuma: “It’s because of your father. To kill APP... I admired him! I wanted to become like him, a perfect being. That’s why I started martial arts and worked hard. Thanks to him, I’ve changed. And for APP’s sake, revenge is natural. Well, which way do you think would be the most effective? Since the source of evil is unassailable, the best way is to attack his dear familly.”


Kazuma: “I know what it is, the pain to lose APP. Ouch...”

Mayuko (?): “Stop saying that bullshit”.


Kazuma: “It’s you again!?”

Yoshitsune (dressed as mayuko): “To compare yourself with APP... Even if both of you are fans, you’re completely different from Hyuuga.”

Kazuma: “Hyuuga...?”

Yoshitsune: “The guy dressed as APP. He also admires APP. His real self is gloomy, hesitant and he has no self confidence. When he takes APP’s form, he becomes a great guy. Even if he’s being extremely irritated, Hyuuga would never use this change in a bad way.”


Yoshitsune: “This is in what you two are so different.”

Kazuma: “If he had read Over as I did, he would have probably acted the same!!”

Yoshitsune: “I don’t think so.”

Kazuma: “It’s Over?”

Yoshitsune: “Because the series isn’t achieved.”

Kazuma: “What... you’re lying!!”


book: He didn’t die there.

Kazuma: “He’s alive...?

Yoshitsune: “Kariya Shoukichi had probably decided to kill APP in Over when he first wrote it... Mayuko had a copy of that version. But he wrote another version just before the deadline. The ones who thought it was the end of the series are the one who read that APP was dead. That is to say only Mayuko and you.”


Kazuma: “I... I didn’t make any mistake!!”

Yoshitsune: /My back is...!!/

Kazama: “Is there something wrong in acting for the people who ought to be respected?”

Yoshitsune: “You can’t stop wanting to be like APP...!! If it’s only to be under his influence, then anyone can do it!”


yoshitsune: “You’d better think about what you want to do!!”

Kazama: “You take such high airs...”

Kaori: “Stop!”


Kazama: “If you come nearer, I break his arm!”

Yoshitsune: “Ou... ouch!”

Kaori : “Those people who hurt others, I hate them!”

Yoshitsune: / Could it be... Kaori... changed?/ “APP! Stop Kaori !! »

APP : “Hn ?  Why ?”

Yoshitsune: “He can do anything when he’s disconnected...”


Yoshitsune: “Ha? What!?”

APP: “He lost to kaori’s frightening glare.”

Yoshitsune: “Kaori!!”

Kaori: “Shima-san?”

Yoshitsune: “Just now, you were unconscious!!”

Kaori: “It’s alright, i remember everything!”


Kaori: “But more importantly, are you hurt somewhere?”

Yoshitsune: “My back hurts a little, I hadn’t really realized it.”

Kaori: “Had it been as usual, you wouldn’t have get caught.”

Yoshitsune: “yeah”

APP: “Kaori-cahn isn’t the type to turn his back to his enemy!”

Yoshitsune: “even APP...”

APP: “By the way, Shima-kun, you’ve always liked me right?”

Yoshitsune: “Huh?”

Kaori: “You mean when he followed you earlier?”

APP: “You’re a shy guy~”

Yoshitsune: “You were serious!?” /hn?/


Yoshitsune: “Mayuko? Why are you making such a face?”

Mayuko: “It’s nothing.” *Later* “Here’s your renumeration.”

Yoshitsune: “Oh! Thank you!”

Mayuko: “My father is already working hard for his next book, so he can’t come and thank you personally for now.”

APP: “By the way, we still don’t know why you had a copy of the manuscript.”

Mayuko: “It’s because I wanted to read it before it was officially published.”

APP: “I don’t think so.”

Mayuko: “Eh?”


APP: “it’s because you wanted to show it to Kaori-kun that day.”

Yoshitsune: “Huh?”

Mayuko: “Our classmates had said he would come to school that day; but he didn’t come because you had a job.”

Yoshitsune: “Mayuko~~! Why did you hide it?”

Mayuko: “When the copy disappeared, I thought it was my father’s, and not mine. If Kaori-kun had been glad with this, I wouldn’t have been happy. He would have thought it was a stupid thing to do if I had told him.”

Yoshitsune: “But... the meal was really good! Wasn’t it, kaori?”


Kaori: “Yes, since Mayuko did it with her own hands.”

Mayuko: “Y... yes! I’ll do my best not to lose to Shima-san!!”

Yoshitsune: “Huh?”

Mayuko: “Well, then! See you tomorrow, Kaori-kun!”

Yoshitsune: “Eh... wai...t! What was it supposed to mean?”

APP: “It’s the way words work.”

Yoshitsune: “APP...? You know something?”

APP: “Kaori-chan said it. He hates when people he likes are hurt.”


APP: “This sentence’s target was you, Shima-kun. So she thought you were her rival. You heard it earlier.”

Yoshitsune: “Moron! Deny it right here!!”

APP: “No way! What a bore!”

Yoshitsune: “So you like it that much!”

APP: “Really! I’ll never get used to working with you two.”

Yoshitsune: “Hey!Won’t you give me back what you owe me this time too?”

APP: “Hn? You’re right! For example, out of your two homes, one is missing. You should get the strength of the feeling that nothing can be done when you’re alone.”

Yoshitsune: “What does it mean?”


APP: “It’s a useless feeling for now. See you, Yorozuya-san!”

Yoshitsune: “I have the feeling to have been deceived again....”

Kaori: “It’s emotional.” I’m tired somehow...


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