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After many tribulations, adventures and discoveries Orlanth proved himself worthy of marrying Ernalda, the Earth Mother.  The two of them created the Marriage Ring and established great harmony in the world through this sacred bonding.  Your clan took part in the wedding ceremony.   Most clans either whooped with Orlanth or learned a secret from Ernalda.    A few clans stood with Elmal, God of Horses and the Sun, as an honour guard.  

How did you prepare for the great marriage?

1) Your men and women donned gleaming armour and stood guard with Elmal to protect the celebrants from Orlanth's many enemies.  
2) Your men whooped with Orlanth and drank the Eight Known Drinks, so that their heads would hurt during the ceremony.  
3) Your women withdrew with Ernalda and learned a List of Names, which they promised not to repeat to the men.  
Orlanth's struggle to remake the world was just beginning, and many other gods joined him in it.  Orlanth undertook many wars of conquest.  Other more peaceful deeds were just as important.  

Your earliest Famous Event was :

1) The Battle of Extinguish Field, when Orlanth's forces defeated those of his worst enemy, Yelm the Bright Emperor.  
2) The Hundred-Day Hunt, when Orlanth's brother Odayla tracked the Sky Bear.  
3) Jested's Settlement, when Issaries the Talking God outwitted foreign deities in a difficult negotiation.  
4) The Procession of Animals, when Uralda, the Cow Mother led the sacred herds into Orlanth's stead.  
5) When Barntar, son of Orlanth and Ernalda, harnessed oxen to plow.  
6) When Ernalda and her daughters went to the Hidden Place, and then came back with many secrets.  
7) When Lhankor Mhy , the Knowing God learned how to use the marking bone, which could mark signs of power upon anything.  
8) When Pella, the pottery goddess, made the first pot to store grain in.  
9) When Roitana, lady of dance, performed the Clan-making Dance.  
Orlanth succeeded in remaking the world, and thus began the golden era called the Storm Age.  Orlanth's son, Vingkot was a famous warlord during this time.  Most of the people in the area were among his followers.  Many people who would not have survived joined his tribes.  He was a great organizer and helped the many scattered people form into new clans and tribes.   Your clan was one of those aided by King Vingkot.  After you proved yourself robust and capable of survival, Vingkot placed a remnant people under your protection.   They were the Nalda Bin, or "Stick Farmers."  You had a choice whether to make them into thralls (slaves) or adopt them as members of your clan.

How did you add these strangers?

1) As thralls  
2) As adopted family  
The foes of the Vingkotlings were many.  your people fought hard against them.

Which one in particular did you fight?

1) Boztakang, the Troll Lord  
2) Ukka Gra, King of the Basmoli Beastmen  
3) Chinkis Mor, the Elf Warlord  
4) Tada the Green, champion of the flat land called Prax  
5) Faralinthor, Salty Lord of the Sea  
6) Ves Venna, Son of Valind, Warlord of the Ice Tribe  
The Storm Age ended in disaster when the gods and creatures of Chaos came and destroyed nearly everything.  Orlanth and his allies fought hard against them, but Chaos almost always won.  Catastrophes shook the world, such as the Sun Fall, the Rain of Blood, and the terrible Laughing Tsunami.   In this era many gods died, and many new ones rose to prominence.  The Darkness got so bad that even Orlanth and his companions had to abandon humans to their own destiny.  Only a few deities, either small or weak ones, remained at all.   The world stagnated and died.  Your clan, whatever its previous glory, was diminished to a ragged handful of hardy survivors.
Heort the King was the leader  who emerged amid the turmoil of the Darkness.  The combined efforts of Heort and his companions helped set the world in order again.  He created the laws that we follow to this day.  One of the great distinctions which Heort discerned among his clans was that some of them tended towards either peace or war, while others maintained a balance between these  two principles.

Which kind was your clan?

1) War  
2) Balanced  
3) Peace  
Finally, the sun rose again.   While the rest of society worked to find food, or just otherwise survive, the First Priests worked to re-establish links with the ancient deities.  Thanks to this new harmony between people and deities, the world was slowly improved.  Once the awakening process had begun, it got easier and went quicker as the gods helped wake each other up.

Who was the first deity which your clan helped to awaken?

1) None.  Our ancestors were good enough.  
2) None we retained worship of our Living Deity :
a) Elmal
b) Urox  
c) Odayla  
3) Ernalda, the Mother Goddess  
4) Orlanth, the Father  
5) Issaries, the Talking God  
6) Lhankor Mhy, the Knowing God  
7) Chalana Arroy, the Healing Goddess  
8) Uralda, the Cow Mother  
Things have been different since the Dawn, thirteen hundred years ago.  Orlanth and the other gods retreated from the world, leaving it to mortals.  You can still contact the gods through ritual and sacrifice, or enter their realm by re-enacting the great stories about their deeds, which contain great magic.  But they no longer walk beside you.  When you settled in a new place you marked this great change in the world by naming your land, not after a god, but after a mortal like yourself.  you named it Heortland, in honor of the king who taught you how to survive during the Darkness.
About six hundred years ago, a dragon approached you, in either its own form or that of a human with a dragon's soul inside it.   The dragons had always been hostile, or at the very best, utterly uncaring.   Orlanth has always been the dragon-slayer.  After an appropriate debate, you had to choose whether to believe the dragon, to cooperate and learn what dragons know, or to refuse  the dragon and maintain neutrality, or to actively oppose the dragon's plans.

What was you attitude towards the dragons?

1) Hostile - We fought against them.  
2) Negative - We would never believe a dragon.  
3) Neutral - We didn't go along.  
4) Positive - We joined into their dragon knowledge.  
Of course not longer after this point the Dragonkill War occurred which emptied out Dragon's Pass.  Years later with the advent of the Pharaoh your clan is forced to move to Dragon Pass rather than engage in kinstrife.
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