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Regions - Ralios

Magic Rune

Welcome to Ralios.  Here's where I have collected the following information on Ralios :

1. Geography
2. Chronicles
3. Background
4. People
5. Religion
6. Scenarios
7. Stories and Myths

Ralios is the setting of my new MRQII campaign.  I was expecting the characters to all be locals but as it turned out only one person had read the background so the other three players decided to be outsiders.  They all decided to be Carmanians so I had to think up a reason why they were travelling to Carmania. I did on the fly based on their rolled family status and background events.  Later I came up with a better reason which I wrote up as the first bit of the Ralian chronicles.


The Church of The Revealed Truth (The True Church)  My "stab" at an assassins style religion for Glorantha.


The instructions the party received from the Shah's Eye

Stories and Myths

The Beast in Me

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