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Magic Rune

Regions - Border Marches

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Welcome to the Border Marches.  Here's where I have collected the following information on the Border Marches :

1. Geography
2. Background
3. People
4. Religion
5. Scenarios
6. Campaign
7 Stories and Myths


The Vale


The Amberi

Clan Make-up

The Neighbours

The Ring

What the Average Amberi Knows


Here Comes the Bride

The Hunt for Red Kare

Making of the Storm Tribe Hero Quest

A Walk Through the Troll Woods


Follow this link for a description of the campaign I'm helping to run.

Stories and Myths

Eurmal Gets the Girl

How Lhankor Mhy Lost his Beard

The Saga of Skerri Brightspear

Skerri and the Sun Lover

Skerri's Needle

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