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Regions - Lunar Empire

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Welcome to the Lunar Empire.  Here's where I have collected the following information on  the Lunar Empire:

1. Geography
2. Background
3. People
4. Religion
5. Scenarios
6. Stories and Myths


  1. The Cora Page
  2. Diapente - Lunar Goddess of Music
  3. The Seventh Wane Adventists (HW)


  1. Among the Mothers
  2. The Big Picture
  3. Cora and the Mooncats
  4. Cora Takes the Cake
  5. The Death of Cora
  6. How the Tomato Came to Glamour
  7. Lanterns
  8. Rashan the Mighty
  9. A Visit to Alkoth
  10. A Visit to Elkoi
  11. A Visit to Jillaro
  12. A Visit to Pavis

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