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King of Dragon Pass is the first computer game set in Glorantha.  From the people at A# it "...combines interactive stories and resource management to create an epic saga of conflict, magic, and community".   

The game is a great introduction to both Glorantha in general and to the world of the Orlanthi in specific.  The game is quite gripping and fun to play and really does force you to think like an Orlanthi would.  From my experiences of playing the game they are the most miserable bunch imaginable to try and rule.  Cajole would be a much better term!  The number of things you have to look after make the game much more challenging...and speaking personally I really enjoy games that allow you to both explore and build things as well as have battles.  The game has a lot of the features my favorite games like Civilization II or Masters of Magic have, building, exploring, developing but all on a smaller and more personal level.

All in all it is a very good game that's a lot of fun to play.

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Version 1.7 update. October 08, 2002.

(You can link to more reviews from A-Sharp's website).

Of course KODP won three Best of Glorantha awards Best of the Best, Best Visual Art, and Best Playing Aid July 09, 2001 (update anyway).

Version 1.6 update available. July 09, 2001

King of Dragon Pass has been nominated for an Origins Award. These awards are given by GAMA, the association for adventure/hobby games (such as the paper & dice roleplaying game Hero Wars which KoDP licenses).

Nominations are made by the industry, but the voting is by players. Online voting is now available at :

Jerry Pournelle chose KODP as his game of the month in his Chaos Manor column. April 10, 2000

Macworld puts a review of the game on their website. April 7, 2000

KODP won Best Visual Art Award at the Second Annual Independent Games Festival. Congratulations to David and the crew.  March 14, 2000.

You can now download an update to version 1.4 from the A-Sharp site.  There's also a version 1.5 beta available.

What's New

Questionnaire for Clan Generation from KODP August 09, 2000

First clan saga added April 17, 2000

Map from KoDP added January 28, 2000

Added list of clan names from the game January 19, 2000

Added some comments from another fan.  January 18, 2000

List of treasures in the game added January 11, 2000

Links to the KoDP Message Board and List Serv added January 11, 2000

List of Orlanthi names added January 10, 2000

Since March 14, 2000

The game King of Dragon Pass is a copyright of A Sharp LLC while Glorantha is a trademark of Issaries Inc.   This page Oliver D. Bernuetz (for what it's worth).  Last modified May 01, 2003

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