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Magic Rune

Chronicles of the North - Part 4

Illusion Rune

17) (Middle) Dark Season 1618 (The Big Broohaha) (October 23, 1999)
Party: Present in Person:
Durnfal Strongspear, (Yemalio ex-Farmer now Baron of Goldenears (Gary); Greystone (Waha herder)(Doug Sh.); Simon (still mysterious stranger)(Henry); and Hooman (Pentan warrior)(Darryl)
The Regular NPCs:
Tamerlan (Waha noble); and Burning Willow (Votanki hunter).

The party got a well deserved week to rest and recuperate from their battles with the broos.  King Skilfil did not reward them for their work against the broos which started certain party members wondering why they were helping him and whether the King had their best interests in mind.  Being a loyal follower Greystone tried to distance himself from these sentiments. 

After their week of rest they learned that once again a party of broos had been spotted digging at the site.  King Skilfil summoned them to his presence and sent them back out to kill these broos too.  They had to wait almost seven days however for ice and snow storms to abate.  They asked whether this weather was normal and no one among the locals seemed to find it all that peculiar.  Only Hooman was unaffected by the cold however, the rest found the cold quite unbearable.   They managed to spend some of their time waiting in practising walking in snowshoes, a skill they would definitely need.  Simon tried to get close to Halleujah Harnsdottir but she told him to bugger off. Greystone collected some special equipment to handle broo carcasses, long poles with hooks on the end, etc.

They finally got some a clear weather so pulling a fair bit of food behind them on sleighs they set off.  They didn't make good time and were snowed in again for two days after the first night on the trail.  They finally got some more clear weather.  They proceeded cautiously in the direction of the dig noticing that there wasn't much in the way of animal life to be seen.  They did spot a crow and wondered whether they should use their Guise of the Crow spell to mask their approach.  Since Simon and Hooman didn't know the spell they decided it wasn't worth it just yet.  As they got closer Simon used his sorcerous flight to move up to tree top level to see if he could spot anything.  Once he got a little ahead of the party a huge flock of crows arose out of the trees and swarmed him.   His sorcerous damage resistance protected him and he started back toward the party.   When the party saw the huge flock of crows and fearing that Granny Keeneyes couldn't be far away Durnfal, Burning Willow, Greystone and Tamerlan moved into the woods casting their Guise of the Crow spells as they went.   They neglected to warn Simon or Hooman so Hooman stayed to use his bow on the crows.  Simon found himself under the effects of a slow spell which rendered him immobile.  Soon after Hooman found himself under the effects of one as well and he could only stand there gaping as 10 broos with bows moved out of the woods.

The party in the woods were scanning and Durnfal spotted a lumpy looking cloaked figure off in the woods along with three attending broos.  He shot two arrows at the figure hitting it twice.  When Burning Willow found out what he was doing she was horrified, since she was the only female around and if he killed Granny Keeneyes' host she'd be the only suitable vessel.  Sure enough it was Granny Keeneyes and she called on the party to surrender saying they wouldn't be killed right away.   Not being known for their surrendering the party (including the still horrified Burning Willow ("Don't kill her dammit!"  She had briefly considered running away instead but decided she couldn't run fast enough.) charged her and her broos.   The broos moved to intercept.

Out in the open Simon managed to kill one of the broos with his crossbow but their return fire was slowly whittling down his hit points.  He summoned a wind which started blowing him away and the broos turned their attentions to Hooman.   He yelled for help and Greystone moved over to help him.  Meanwhile the three still in the woods were now facing the broos there.  Durnfal found himself immobilized by Granny's slow spell and when the broos in the woods ran up the unbearable stench emanating from the middle one knocked him unconscious. This left Tamerlan who had been sickened by the stench and Burning Willow who had been hoping to stand behind Durnfal and fight to face Granny's elite broos.   Greystone returned dragging Hooman and faced him up so that he could join the line.  Greystone moved over to the right flank.  The broos outside the woods took some more shots at the rapidly disappearing Simon and then headed into the woods. 

The party exchanged some blows to little effect and where then dealt another severe blow (pun intended) when a broo critically head butted Greystone in the skull knocking him down with 12 points to the head.  (It was at this point that the party started seriously considering Granny's offer of surrender.  They started inflating this offer of surrender into the idea of switching sides and joining chaos, shouts of I want a chaos feature! were heard, but there was no way the stout Wahas were going to join chaos). Greystone, Hooman and Burning Willow all failed their d.i.'s but Tamerlan once again successfully d.i.'d and all the party members wounds were healed, damaging spells removed and consciousness returned.  (Even to the drifting Simon who proceeded to return to the ground and headed back to where the party was).

Things still looked grim as they were battling twelve broos (the group from the opne having moved in and surrounded the party).  Granny quickly cast more demoralizes and affected most of the party.  Hooman lost his scimitar in the leg of one of the elite broos and proceeded to show his bravery by grappling a broo by the head and trying to throw him.  (Everyone was impressed by this act of valour but questioned the wisdom of going into close combat with a known disease carrier).  He soon switched to a dagger and swore to carry two swords in future fights.   Fortunately it took the broo with the sword in his leg several rounds to pull it out and return to the fight.  The fight turned into the usual grind with no wounds being exchanged unless someone rolled a critical or special.  Burning Willow had her arm taken out and was forced to try healing herself before she could return to the fight.   Hooman managed to hold off three broos for quite a while armed only with a dagger and shield before he was struck in the abdomen and knocked down.  Fortunately he was healed before he bled to death.  All throughout the fight Granny kept calling on the party to surrender but no one took her up on her offer.  As her broos were being whittled away she screamed something about, "How the hells am I ever going to catch my giant if you keep killing all my help!"

Simon returned and used his flight spell to good advantage flying just high enough so that he had all the advantages of being mounted versus unmounted foes.   He quickly struck one broo down but Granny cast a demoralize on him reducing his effectiveness.  When he got his dagger stuck in another broo he moved higher up out of the broos reach and then Granny cast a slow on him forcing him to call a new wind up to blow himself away.  The three big broos were all slain (one's spirirt had tried to possess Greystone but had flailed ineffectually away at Greystone's mighty spirit) and half of the lesser broos as well.  Granny, frustrated by the quality of help she was getting had slunk away by this time and the last five remaining broos tried to flee as well.  Tamerlan and Greystone cut two down but the other three got away.

The party tried to clean up the bodies but didn't have much success because of the trees so they decided to leave the bodies where they had fallen.   Hooman, Tamerlan and Burning Willow all managed to catch diseases from the broos (in Burning Willow's case three of them despite her 17 CON!)  The party decided to return to Dykene.

18) (Early) Storm Season 1618 (My mama told'd better shop around) (November 12, 1999)
Party: Present in Person:
Durnfal Strongspear, (Yemalio ex-Farmer now Baron of Goldenears (Gary); Greystone (Waha herder)(Doug Sh.); Simon (still mysterious stranger)(Henry); and Hooman (Pentan warrior)(Darryl)
The Regular NPCs:
Tamerlan (Waha noble); and Burning Willow (Votanki hunter).

While the party discussed returning to Dykene Blueface appeared and helped them to recover from their diseases.  He released a golem to clean up the broos, apologising to the Earth Goddes for tainting her realm and led the party to a better camping ground.  He told them that he had a plan to get rid of Granny Keeneyes once and for all but he needed their aid.  (See The Hunt for Granny Keeneyes for the plan).  The party agrees and tells him about Granny's plan to put her spirit in a giant body.  Blueface is appalled at this and his desire to get Granny is reinforced.  After waiting until they are healed the party returns to Dykene accompanied by Blueface and Greyrunner Runefang.  Their Blueface enlists King Skilfill's aid and he sends out hawk riders to find Bunscotto and Granny.  The party gets the sword and some gold and decide to go find themselves a Lunar (despite jokes about using animals, broos or a "Hooman" host for Svart's soul).  No one bothers to consult Svart even though Simon thinks this would be a good idea.  They travel to Elkoi meeting no one on the way much to their displeasure. 

To read what happened then read An Investigation into...

19) (Early) Storm Season 1618 (A Letter from Balazar) (December 04, 1999)
Party: Present in Person:
Durnfal Strongspear, (Yemalio ex-Farmer now Baron of Goldenears (Gary); Greystone (Waha herder)(Doug Sh.); Simon (still mysterious stranger)(Henry); and Hooman (Pentan warrior)(Darryl)
The Regular NPCs:
Tamerlan (Waha noble); and Burning Willow (Votanki hunter).

Fleeing Elkoi with Halcyon's body the party meets a strange Lunar...

20) (Early) Storm Season 1618 (Another Letter from Balazar) (February 16, 2000)
Party: Present in Person:
Durnfal Strongspear, (Yemalio ex-Farmer now Baron of Goldenears (Gary); Greystone (Waha herder)(Doug Sh.); Svart Ulfsson (Humakti warrior and part-time occupant of Greystone's body)(Henry)

The Regular NPCs: Tamerlan (Waha noble); and Burning Willow (Votanki hunter).

The party continues on to Trilus fleeing Lunar pursuit.

21) (Middle) Storm Season 1618 (He's Baaack) (March 04, 2000)
Party: Present in Person: Durnfal Strongspear, (Yemalio ex-Farmer now Baron of Goldenears (Gary); Greystone (Waha herder)(Doug Sh.); Svart Ulfsson (Humakti warrior and part-time occupant of Greystone's body)(Henry); and Bjorn Windchaser (Darryl)

The Regular NPCs: Tamerlan (Waha noble); and Burning Willow (Votanki

The party entered the citadel of Trilus accompanied by the Orlanthi, their wounded and dead, the prisoners and the loot. As the Orlanthi entered the citadel Torath Manover quizzed his newest follower Bjorn Windchaser as to the names of the seven Lightbringers. Bjorn couldn't name any beyond Orlanth and Torath and the other Orlanthi were appalled. (Later Torath told Bjorn that he didn't want to continue their relationship. Bjorn asked the party if he could join them in their travels so he could find his brother and they agreed). The party took as their share just the four surviving Lunars. The party settled in at the Stuck Pig Inn ran by Djimm Mith, Joh Mith's son. The party decided to test the prisoners to see who would be most suitable as a host for Svart. Tossing things to the three peltasts and the initiate quickly eliminated two of the peltasts. The surviving peltast and the initiate wrestled and ran foot races and the party decided that the peltast was the best candidate. (Some discussion was made though about using the homely female peltast as the candidate, after first getting her pregnant.  They also discussed putting Svart into a body and then selling him into slavery deep in the Lunar Empire. Good sense finally prevailed though).

They decided that they would contact Rhegus Whitehair the local Lunar merchant to see whether he would take the rest of the prisoners off their hands by paying their ransom. Rhegus wanted to pay them off in furs or hides but the party wasn't crazy about such bulky goods. Rhegus was unable to pay money so he said that he would see whether the king of Trilus would give him some money or some less bulky goods in advance of receiving ransoms from Elkoi. He told them that he would contact the king and get back to them. The party visited the Lightbringers Hall to visit the Lhankhor Mhy priest Bluebird to see whether he could magically identify the items the group had taken off of Simon and Halcyon var Enkorth's bodies. He agreed at the cost of 300 L per spell. The party agreed to wait until he cast and recovered three spells.

Rhegus spoke with Yalaring and got eight mammoth tusks worth roughly the
ransoms of the captives. The party spent all but two of the tusks on spells, room and board and provisions. They learned from Bluebird that Simon's ring was a MP storage device (on top of making Orlanthi feel uncomfortable, which they already knew) Durnfal took that item. They learned that the red sphere would make you invulnerable to fire elementals if you gave it a point of POW and the other small crystal was also a MP storage crystal. The party then left Trilus after a week and travelled back to Dykene. (Fresser and his party stayed behind in Trilus and said that he would travel on to Elkoi eventually).

The party arrived back at Dyene where Blueface was happy to see them. After they settled in the party decided that they would offer the peltast (whose name was Lapsas) his freedom if he could beat one of their party in a battle with the black sword. He agreed after making them swear on their gods that they would do so. Durnfal decided to battle Lapsas who wore Tamerlan's armour for the battle. They cast magic on their weapons and armour and engaged. Durnfal tried to disrupt Lapsas while he tried to demoralize Durnfal. The battle was on and the pair exchanged blows. Lapsas managed to damage Durnfal's spear a bit but Durnfal hit him a couple of times most seriously crippling his arm. The battle stopped so Blueface could heal him because they were worried that he would be killed outright if he took another such a blow. Tamerlan told Durnfal to switch to aimed blows at the abdomen and Durnfal did knocking Lapsas down.  He lay there and started bleeding to death. Durnfal tore his armour off and tried to disrupt him before he died but he wasn't able to do so..  Bueface quickly healed him up and once again Svart Ulfsson was in charge of a body.

22) Sacred Time 1618 (Sniff ya later) (April 29, 2000)
Party: Present in Person: Durnfal Strongspear (Yemalio ex-Farmer now Baron of Goldenears) (Gary); Greystone (Waha herder)(Doug Sh.); Svart Ulfsson (Humakti warrior)(Henry); and Bjorn Windchaser (Darryl)

Virtual Presence: Hallelujah Harnsdottir (Babeester Gor axe maiden and mother to the prophesised Dog Boy) (Doug St.)

The Regular NPCs: Tamerlan (Waha noble); and Burning Willow (Votanki

After getting his new body Svart immediately spent a lot of time getting used to it.  He asked Blueface if he would help him create new foci for him and Blueface did.  Svart also tried to negotiate new terms for the use of Bane as a trap for Granny Keeneyes but Blueface didn't want to since the party had already agreed to dedicate the sword to that purpose.  Svart asked him for a replacement and finally Blueface said that he could tell the party where the Windsword of Orlanth was hidden.   Svart settled for this and some new points of spirit magic.  Other party members rested and trained.  Blueface asked them for their assistance in protecting Hallelujah during her imminent birth and they agreed to do so.

For more details see Burning Willow's Tale.

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