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Wind Pirates of Orlanth - The Royal Lunar Navy

The Royal Lunar Navy is of course the pre-eminent navy in Glorantha.  (At least that's what the Lunars think).  (For some reason* their navy parallels very closely the structure of the British Navy of the mid18th-early 19th century).  It is divided into three squadrons, in descending of importance order of importance these are the red, the white and the blue.  The red squadron sails out Dragon's Rest, the white squadron sails out of the old Dara Happan Tripolis lands and the blue squadron sails out of Boldhome.

There is quite a strict hierarchy observed in the Navy.  While the majority of the common sailors are Orlanthi or other subject people none of them have ever risen above the rank of lieutenant.  While the majority of the commissioned officers in the navy are Dara Happans the majority of the rear admirals and up are Lunars.  In the red squadron none of the admirals are Dara Happans, in the white squadron the admirals are divided 50/50 or so between Dara Happans and Lunars while in the blue squadron all the admirals are Dara Happans except for one who is a woman from the subject lands of the Holy Country.

Life in the navy is governed by The Articles of War.

Ranks in the RLN

In descending order of rank

  1. Admiral of the Fleet
  2. Admiral of the White
  3. Admiral of the Blue
  4. Vice Admiral of the Red
  5. Vice Admiral of the White
  6. Vice Admiral of the Blue
  7. Rear Admiral of the Red
  8. Rear Admiral of the White
  9. Rear Admiral of the Blue
  10. Commodore
  11. Commander
  12. Lieutenant Commander
  13. Lieutenant
  14. Sub-lieutenant
  15. Midshipman


  1. Petty Officers and Warrant Officers - mast captains, gunner's mates, gun captains, quartermasters (or pursers), master-at-arms, carpenter, bosun and cooper, the ship's master, chaplain and surgeon.
  2. Able seaman - 2 or more years service
  3. Ordinary seaman - 1-2 years service
  4. Landman - less than one year's service

Type Rate Guns Gun Decks Men
Ship of the line 1st rate 100 to 120 3 800 to 850
2nd rate 90 to 98 3 700 to 750
3rd rate 64 to 80 2 500 to 650
4th rate 48 to 60 2 320 to 420
Frigate 5th rate 32 to 44 1 or 2 200 to 300
6th rate 28 1 200
Post ship 6th rate 20 to 24 1 140 to 160
Sloop-of-war unrated 16 to 18 1 90 to 125
Gun-brig or Cutter unrated 6 to 14 1 5 to 25

An example of a Lunar ship is the 6th rate frigate HMS Moonson's Fancy.

*Sheer laziness and a desire for a familiar Earthly analogue.

Last updated November 12, 2009