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Wind Pirates of Orlanth - Physics

A Brief Lesson in Physics

Gravity as we would recognize it seems to work quite differently in this world. There are the recognizable directions of up and down but gravity only seems to play an important role next to land masses. You can fall off a mountain peak and die but if you jump off the edge of an island you will travel for a distance and then slowly stop. If you keep kicking and waving your arms you can travel for quite a distance. Food and water are a problem though and eventually you’d die of the lack of one or the other. So gravity exists but it only seems to work up and down and only on top of a landmass. A distinction is noticed between sky (the air above a landmass) and aether (the air between landmasses). Toss a rock into the sky above a landmass and it drops to the ground. Toss a rock off the edge of an island and it hangs there. If it catches the wind it may drift back to the island or drift off but it doesn’t fall until it drifts over a landmass. This effect is also noticed on ships with the exception that gravity isn’t as strong on a ship so you can jump twice as high or fall twice as far before getting hurt. 

The shattered islands of what was Glorantha hang in the sky somehow. The Orlanthi quote the following myth fragment to explain how this is possible but every race and culture have their own myths/answers to this question.

An Orlanthi fragment

Ernalda cried in fright as her body was rent.
“This shall not stand,” cried Orlanth.
“Every part of you is dear to me and I shall preserve them.”
Saying so Orlanth grabbed what bits he could save
And placed them in his crown where they remain to this day.

Last updated October 07, 2009