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Wind Pirates of Orlanth - Highcliff

Typical of the scattered Orlanthi Highlands Highcliff is a small island (roughly 10 acres in area) set high in the aether above the Dragon's Breath.  It has had no visitors since the Great Rending and has been a peaceful place to live.  The population is quite small as the island's resources must be carefully managed to support any people at all.  Only 500 souls make their home here and births are carefully managed to keep the population at purely a replacement level.  The island is quite rocky and only careful work keeps the island fertile enough to feed the population.  Sheep and the grains and vegetables carefully grown in small plots carved out of the solid rock are the only source of food the locals have.  There are no wild animals other than small birds, insects and rodents on the island.  No sign of chaos has been seen in 200 years but before then a chaos seed did take root so the inhabitants are prepared to deal with this sort of incursion.  

The village has no source of wood so the only weapons used were slings and axes and clubs made from human bones.  Since there are no wild animals or enemies this had proved sufficient until the island was dragged back into the modern age.  

The most noteworthy feature of the island is the sacred wind geyser that emits runes (among other things) once a year at Sacred Time.

The island now has a permanent garrison of 20 Shargashi marines and two 45 pounders to defend it and maintain the Emperor's claim over it.

Last updated October 15, 2009