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Wind Pirates of Orlanth - Campaign

1) The Stage is Set (October 9th, 2009)

Setting: the small Orlanthi island of Highcliff

Date: the last day of Sacred Time 1756 LC

Characters: Andrew (Doug), Angus (Henry), Fingal (Gary), and Kirk (Darryl)

Highcliff is a small island (roughly 10 acres in area) set high in the aether above the Dragon's Breath.  It has had no visitors since the Great Rending and has been a peaceful place to live.  The population is quite small as the island's resources must be carefully managed to support any people at all.  Only 500 souls make their home here and births are carefully managed to keep the population at purely a replacement level.  The island is quite rocky and only careful work keeps the island fertile enough to feed the population.  Sheep and the grains and vegetables carefully grown in small plots carved out of the solid rock are the only source of food the locals have.  There are no wild animals other than small birds, insects and rodents on the island.  No sign of chaos has been seen in 200 years but before then a chaos seed did take root so the inhabitants are prepared to deal with this sort of incursion.  

The people live much as their ancestors did in carefully cherished wooden longhouses.  These longhouses are carefully tended as no trees grow on the island and any repairs have to be made in stone.

No other islands are within view so as far as the inhabitants know they are all alone in the universe.  They are in for a rude awakening.

The day is a glorious occasion in which all the young boys of the village who turned 13 are set to become men.  This day, having fasted for the previous 24 hours, they are going to climb skyclad to the peak of the island where the wind geyser is situated.  This is a mysterious geyser that continually emits a blast of pure, cold, clean air from somewhere deep within the island.  During this day as the inhabitants have discovered the geyser is wont to shoot out other things besides just air.  If, at dawn the candidates for manhood jump through the geyser they are likely to discover that they have caught a rune!  (Girls have another way to receive runes that the boys and men know nothing of).

Our brave lads are woken before the sunrise so they can make the climb to the summit.  Despite their fast and the chill air on their skin the climb is not really dangerous as they have made it often before in their lives.  The boys are led by the young Orlanthi acolyte Ian Windfavoured.  They arrive at the summit and wait around anxiously for the sign from Ian to make their leap.  Ian chants an old prayer in the ancient Windspeech tongue and they make their leap of faith!  Of course they all land safely on the other side.  But what's this?  They have each caught not one but two runes.  In their right hand is the expected Air or Movement rune but each lad has a rune in their left hand as well.  A rune marked with Death.  Ian is aghast, as far as he can remember no one has ever caught more than one rune before.  He will have to check with the old Godar Angus Windborne though to make certain.  His confusion is put to an end though as one of the lads has spotted an odd sight.  What appears to be an upside down longhouse with sheets hanging from rooftrees sticking out of the floor is headed towards the island.  Ian is at a loss to explain what this is. 

Then suddenly there is a loud crack like a thunderbolt.  No one can see any sign of lightning but suddenly there is a large cloud of dust from the village below and one of the longhouses shudders.  The approaching longhouse turns to the side and suddenly there are more loud cracks and buildings start burning.  Ian and the lads head back to the village but by the time they get there it is all over.  They find the village over run with strangers.  The strangers are dirty, ugly men wielding odd curved swords, short spears and odd shaped clubs.  As the boys approach they see one of the men point the handle of a club at the village baker Old Hamish.  The club bucks in his hand like it was alive and Hamish drops to the ground with a hole in his chest.  The strangers demand that the boys surrender or die in Tradetalk.  Shocked by this casual brutality Ian and all but Angus surrender (Angus, feistier than the rest insists on struggling and the intruders are forced to throw a net over him before savaging pummelling him into submission).  They are herded/dragged into the village square along with the rest of the survivors of the attack.  

There they find the village headman Calum Windblessed being interrogated by a well dressed man with a brass left hand.  As they arrive they see the man finish turning a key in his hand before he brutally plunges his hand into Calum chest and tears his heart out.  He tosses the still beating organ aside.  Another stranger runs up bearing a cloth bag.  The stranger turns and asks, "Did you get it."  "Aye Captain Darling.  Doctor Stitchwise got to the old priest's house in time."  He reaches into the sack and pulls out the head of Angus Windborne.  His mouth has been stitched shut and his neck, ears and nose plugged with pitch.  The Captain nods.  "Good work men."  He looks around.  "We need one more thing before we.." he stops as his eye catches Ian.  He smiles and points at him.  "There's the other one."  Three large men jump Ian.  He tries to struggle but he is no match for the trio.  He is dragged in front of the captain and a bent old man wearing a bloody smock scurries over.  He carries a saw in his hand and he mutters, "Now, now this won't, at all."  And then he laughs.  Chanting in some foreign tongue he first stitches Ian's mouth shut and then daubs boiling pitch on his nose and ears.  Ian's body is flailing and writhing from the pain but then the man saws his head off before plunging the end into the pitch.  He then carefully places it in the sack with Angus' head.

A stranger runs up.  "Mr. Decent's respects Captain but we must be way.  The Fancy is coming up fast."  Darling turns and roars, "You heard the man,  Grab what or who you will and make for the ship."  All the crew in sight grab a young girl, woman or boy and head for the ship.  Anyone who resists is clubbed or shot down where they stand.  After the crew is aboard the ship sets sail and sails off.

Another of the strange vessels appears as the first intruders ship disappears out of sight.  The boys are too busy helping the wounded and trying to put the fires out to pay much attention.  Eventually they hear from some of the younger children that the first ship rounded the island and then suddenly sped up and quickly disappeared out of sight.  [Author's Note: At this point I'll drop the pretence and just refer to things with the terminology modern 21st century types would use]. The second ship which has red sails rounded the island as well but seemed incapable of the incredible burst of speed of the first ship.  It swung around the island and moved up to the village.  They notice that this ship has the carving of a young naked lad sticking his buttocks jauntily forwards at the front. Dropping its gangplank a group of twenty men descend.  These men make the pirates look like lambs.  They're all dressed the same in long brown, tiered kilts and red jackets with gold trim they wear open to reveal hairy, scarred chests.  They have long curly black beards and hair and each carries a musket and a bandolier of pistols.  Each has the death and fire runes carved into their foreheads and they spread out to make a semi-circle at the base of the gangplank.  They stand muskets in arms but make no threatening gestures beyond this.

After they are deployed another figure descends the gangplank.  This is an incredibly broad but short figure who addresses the crowd after he climbs up on a bench.  He introduces himself as Quartermaster Squelch and announces to the crowd that their island has just been annexed by the New Lunar Empire under the aegis of His Majesty's Ship's Captain Artimus Foresight.  Since there is no one in charge and most of the able bodied villagers aren't they put up no resistance to this unexpected reappearance of an old enemy.

The Lunars spend a week in the village healing the wounded and repairing what damage they can.  One of the first things the Lunars do is erect a flag pole and run the Lunar flag up it.  The party discovers that most of the ship's crew are actually Orlanthi who tell the villagers about the world (see the world and history).  They learn that the group of warriors who descended first are followers of a god named Shargash and they are to stay as a garrison for the village.  Two large 45 pound cannons are offloaded and mounted as defence and a barracks and store hut are built for the garrison as well.  The village redsmith becomes the new leader of the village.  They also learn that the ship, called the Grisly Relic,  which attacked them was captained by a mysterious pirate named John Darling.  After spending a week at the village the Lunars announce that they are leaving.  Squelch makes a speech since Captain Foresight has remained on his ship for almost all of the visit and announces that the ship is looking for new recruits.  None of the four party members hesitate before accepting the King's Lunar.  They're all keen on revenge.

The ship sets sail the next day and the campaign is on!

2) The King's Lunar (October 23rd, 2009)

Setting: HMS Moonson's Fancy

Date: The Beginning of Sea Season 1757 LC

Characters: :Andrew (Doug), Angus (Henry), Fingal (Gary), and Kirk (Darryl)

The characters start to get a taste of life aboard ship. Fingal is sent up the mainmast to relieve the look out only to discover himself to be the victim of a practical joke. Instead of a living man he discovers an animated corpse bound to the mast. The corpse turns to look at him and speaks in a raspy unknown language. Fingal hears laughter coming from the deck and descends to deck. Later he learns that the lookout is some ancestor of the captain. Angus spots a strange cat below decks. Pitch black with silver, pupil-less eyes, it is long and lean and angular. He learns that this is the ship's moon cat. Every ship in the Lunar navy carries one on board to deal with vermin and nilmergs. He is warned that the cat doesn't like Orlanthi and are very intelligent and quite capable of playing terrible practical jokes on people it takes a dislike to. Kirk makes a discovery below decks too. When he's sent below decks after a keg of gunpowder. He discovers the corpse of one of the powder monkeys hanging from a rope. A perfunctory examination doesn't turn up the cause of the suicide. The monkey's body is set adrift on a raft and the captain fires an arrow into it to set it afire.

Fingal attempts to befriend the powder monkeys but they are cautious around him and only reveal that the lad, Mickey, had slain himself out of shame at his treatment by one of "them". They tell him that they have no chance of justice. Understanding this to mean one of the Dara Happan officers the party briefly contemplates arranging an accident for whoever had molested the lad so. They realized that this would be extremely difficult as death would await them if they were convicted of even attacking an officer, never mind killing one. They carefully watched the monkeys to try and determine who the office was and finally decided it was the carpenter's mate, Pinch. They briefly considered trying to get close enough to him to arrange an accident but couldn't get alone with him. They tried to persuade Angus, the prettiest and slightest of the party to lure him to his doom but he refused to do this. Finally they gave up and Fingal and Angus told the powder monkeys that they should protect themselves if they had to.

Meanwhile the party learnt a few rune spells. Poor Fingal only has the death rune integrated so he couldn't learn any spells. Andrew who has an integrated air rune was taught extinguish (extremely useful aboard ship) while Angus learned co-ordination and Kirk learned slow. (They then taught each other their new spell). Andrew also learned airblade. Two weeks passed as the party went a bought their business learning their way aboard ship. They learnt how to use a cutlass and buckler, pistols and muskets. Andrew spent some time with the Navigator as he decided whether this kiltie rock-hugger was worthy of learning such important knowledge. One night there was a ruckus aboard ship and when everyone assembled on deck they learned that one of the powder monkeys had assaulted the carpenter's mate. The next day at noon he was to hang! (This turn of events didn't really surprise anyone).

The next day at noon the crew assembled under Yelm's watchful eye. The powder monkey had obviously been beaten and his condition brought a low growl from the Orlanthi crew. The other powder monkeys glared at the party. The charges were read and Fingal called out for the boy to defend himself. Quartermaster Squelch called out for silence. Angus called out "Rapist!" and more growling from the crew ensued. Squelch called for silence again. Angus and Fingal began to stomp their feet and the rest of the crew began imitating them until everyone but the officers were stamping their feet. Captain Foresight removed his hand from his good eye and looked the crew over. The stomping ceased. He began to speak in Dara Happan and as he spoke the officers looked more and more stern. Squelch began to translate. "For the crime of attacking an officer the lad is sentenced to twenty lashes. Sentence to be carried out immediately." The crew cheered. "But we have a noose here waiting." Squelch grabbed Pinch and fastened the noose around his neck. He was quickly strung up by the Orlanthi non-commissioned officers. The other Dara Happans left the deck in apparent disgust. The monkey having been tied to a hatch cover was whipped by Squelch but only after Squelch gave him something strong to drink. After his whipping he was taken below deck to be attended to by Docotr Sunbirght and Kirk. Pinch's body was unceremoniously tossed overboard. Before it disappeared in the distance Captain Foresight reappeared on deck bearing his longbow. He strung the bow, drew an arrow to his cheek and released it. The arrow burst into magical flame and flew across the aether to hit Pinch's remains.

Things return more or less to normal and a month or so later they reach an Orlanthi island that had just been raided by pirates. They set sail in pursuit and quickly catch the ship. A short battle occurs but the combination of the captain's fire arrows and some lucky shooting from the bow cannons breaks the enemy crew's morale. (The pirate ship was smaller than the Fancy so it lacked aft guns. Coming alongside the ship is boarded. The crew is disarmed, the officers are hung and a prize crew is appointed to sail the ship back to Dragon's Rest. Angus and Kirk are keen to join the prize crew but Fingal is more reluctant to leave Captain Foresight. Andrew decides to join the prize crew as well so the party all goes along.

3) Adrift in the Aether and Lost in the Dark (November 20th, 2009)

Setting: Boldhome and other points in the Aether

Date: The third day of Sea Season 1758

Characters: Andrew (Doug), Angus (Henry), Fingal (Gary), and Kirk (Darryl)

The session started off quite literally with a bang as the Argus was blown to pieces beneath them. Fortunately Fingal had been assigned duty as lookout and had been posted in the crow's nest. The other three were up there goofing off when the blast occurred. Fingla and Andrew managed to hold on to the crow's nest but Angus and Kirk were thrown out. All but Angus managed to remain conscious though. Once I had their attention I explained that a year had passed and they had remained on the prize ship the Fancy had captured the previous session. This ship had been re-christened the Argus and had been assigned patrol duties. Angus had been chosen to train as a midshipman (completely arbitrarily as I asked all of them to make skills rolls on a skill of 50%. Whoever made the most rolls with criticals counting as 2 rolls would get to be a midshipman. Angus managed to make all five rolls with one of them being a critical. The rest were lucky to make one or two rolls. He prophetically announced that he had used up all his good rolls for the evening).

Angus and Kirk swam towards each other and then headed out towards the mast which had finally stopped cartwheeling through the aether. The four friends sat on the mast and tried to decide what had happened. They remembered that just before the explosion a strange cylindrical metal craft roughly 20' long had come out from behind a small rocky island. This craft seemed to be propelled by a large fan on its end. It had ignored the ship's attempts to hail it and slowly a smaller cylinder only about 4 feet long had emerged from a hole in the front of the vessel and moved slowly towards the ship. It was moving so slowly that it wasn't perceived as a threat. Eventually it made contact with the side of the ship. Sometime after this the ship exploded in a fashion to suggest that the magazine itself had exploded. There appeared to be no survivors other than the four party members. The biggest surviving parts of the ship was the mast they'd been on and the cannons. Everything else, and everyone else had been blown to pieces. In fact Fingal had been lucky to survive as the spyglass he'd been using had been destroyed by having a long splinter of wood driven through it.

They managed with Andrew's guidance to fashion a sail for the mast so they could propel it and flew it towards the small island. This was just a barren rock with a small pool of stale water on it. They decided to collect as much wreckage as they could and decided that they needed to attach some steering fins to the mast so they could go up and down as well as forwards. They decided to take two days to do this so they had a better chance. Also this was as long as they had water for. Fortunately Andrew made his roll and the mast was finished. He and Angus had argued as to which way the nearest inhabited islands was but finally they set sail. They saw a few clouds as they sailed but they were always ahead of them so they couldn't catch them. Fatigue and the effects of thirst started setting in and Fingal and Angus soon became incapable of doing anything. Fortunately they finally found the island they'd been looking for after a week or so and were safe. (The officer in charge of the garrison seemed sceptical of their story and implied that perhaps the thirst and explosion had addled their brains a bit).

They stayed on the island long enough to recuperate and then caught a ride on a civilian supply ship that was heading back to Boldhome. They hitched a ride back to Boldhome, Angus persuading the captain to bring the Icarus (as he'd christened the mast) along as evidence. Once they got back to Boldhome they made their report to the Admiralty office. The officer who took their report wasn't sure what to do with them so he ordered them to report to the office every day at noon to see if they'd decided what to do with them. They weren't sure what to do with themselves as Orlanthi don't collect pay in the Navy and there were no available berths. They decided that they basically had two options open to them. 1) Try and act as rats in the system, or 2) try and find employment in the Orlanthi ghetto of Underside. (They had tried to get a berth on a merchant marine ship but the only one available was the same ship they'd arrived on and the captain and crew wouldn't take them on as they claimed they were Jonahs.

They walked to the edge of the island and descended to Belowdecks using one of the rope ladders, Their they found the maze of catwalks, ropes, chains and suspended wrecks where the Orlanthi lived. If you have a hammock you can hang it wherever you like to sleep (as long as you don't try and muscle in on someone else's space. Down there was were the bars, brothels and taverns the Orlanthi patronized were. Plus hordes of trollkin who thrived in the permanent gloom. They quickly discovered that the Underside was ruled by four Orlanthi bosses who arranged for any crew placings when ships needed new crew. These bosses received supplies of food from the Navy which they distributed to people who were willing, and worthy of being followers. (Much like Roman politicians operated in the Republic). Every morning followers would line up outside of their chosen bosses' office to receive their ration of bread and meat and do whatever their boss asked them to.

The party decided that two of them would find work in a mess hall while the other two would try and join one of the bosses' crews in Underside. Angus and Kirk tried to become followers of Hamish Carr, the biggest of the bosses while Andrew and Fingal looked for work topside. They still of course made sure to show up at the office as ordered every noon. Angus had wanted to bring the Icarus with them so they weren't ignored but the quartermaster in charge of the warehouse where they had left it refused to release it to them as it was marked as Royal property. The only mess hall where Andrew and Fingal could find work was that of the Shargashi marines that was at the very top of the island. They quickly discovered the joys of everything being barbecued, even the morning porridge.

Angus and Kirk went to approach Hamish Carr and after waiting in line a long time got an audience. Sadly Angus had no marketable skills but Hamish seemed interested in Kirk's medical skills. Summoning a follower who needed extra food because his wife had just had a baby he had the man's arm broken. Fortunately Kirk managed to set the arm properly thus managing to get him and Angus accepted as followers. As they were leaving Hamish's base they saw three ruffians beating a trollkin. Angus wanted nothing to do with this but Kirk leapt to the trollkin's defence letting fly with a sling stone which struck one of the three in the head. The ruffians drew their cutlasses and charged towards the pair. The pair tried to cast some spells but both failed. Drawing their clubs they engaged the trio. Kirk quickly dropped one of the ruffians with a blow to the leg and Angus tried to persuade the pair still standing to take their friend and leave. They ignored this suggestion and Angus was struck first one and then another blow to the chest which dropped him. (He managed to parry the first blow but the extra damage got through anyways. He then dropped as his chest was lowered below zero. He passed out as he failed his resilience roll. He decided to try using a hero point to force a re-roll and the ruffian was forced to roll again. He hit again and did the exact same amount of damage to Angus' chest dropping him again. He again failed his resilience roll and passed out. He decided not to bother trying another hero point).

Kirk was slightly wounded but managed to drop all three of the ruffians just as Andrew and Fingal ran up. Fingal was all for beating them into unconsciousness and then dropping them over the edge but calmer heads prevailed. They took the ruffian's buff coats, cutlasses and clacks and left them unconsciousness (but bandaged and in no immediate danger of dying. They managed to revive the poor trollkin who they discovered was a female named Trixie. She vowed to serve the heroes who had saved her and so the party has a new member. (When they asked her why she was being beaten she said, "Why not?")

4) A Trollkin Princess, Clockwork Mannikins, Gunpowder, Naked Flaming Captains, Piles of Rocks, and Trollkin Zombies

Setting: Boldhome

Date: The fifth day of Sea Season 1758

Characters: Andrew (Doug), Angus (Henry), Fingal (Gary), and Kirk (Darryl)

After rescuing the trollkin Trixie (and liberating all of the possessions of the defeated ruffians) the party decided to go for a drink.  Trixie in tow they went to the Belowdecks bar that was farthest away from where they'd fought the ruffians.  The doorman refused to let them bring the trollkin in so they left Trixie outside.  Once inside they discovered that they only had enough money to pay for a single round of cheap wine.  They decided to treat Angus and bought him a tot of rum.  As they sat nursing their drinks they noticed that there was a crowd around one of the other tables.  They wandered over to see what was going on and discovered that a sailor was showing  off a tiny clockwork man he'd bought.  It was in the form of a soldier wearing armour and carrying a sword and shield.  Another sailor tried to pick it up and was pricked in the palm for his troubles.  He was angered and knocked the mannikin off the table.  As he stood arguing with the owner he suddenly complained of feeling poorly and toppled over.  At this point onlookers started leaving the place in droves.  Kirk looked for the mannikin.  He managed to find it and pocketed it being careful not to prick himself.  Then he performed healing on the stricken sailor saving his life.  The rest of the party managed to stop the owner from fleeing and questioned him as to where he had obtained the toy.  He told them he had bought it from a sailor who hadn't been wearing a bandanna identifying which ship he was stationed on.  They let the pair go and after helping themselves to some free drinks from the few that had been abandoned they went back to where they had been hanging their hammocks.  (The Orlanthi sailors who reside Belowdecks sleep in their clan tartans that they sling from any available spaces.  This way they ensure that they don't lose their hammocks).  Angus looked the mannikin over but couldn't see any runes or other markings.  It was definitely a model of a human rather than a dwarf though.  They had retrieved the key as well.

The next day Andrew and Fingal headed topside to work at the Shargashi barracks while Kirk and Angus headed off to Hamish Carr's place to do their daily duties.  Sadly this involved a lot of boils and dysentery so it wasn't a great day for them.  Meanwhile Topside Andrew and Fingal were drafted to help unload a ship.  This ship had been docked at a wharf that stretched out as far as any of the docks extended from Boldhome.  There they had to unload a shipment of gunpowder and then carry each barrel or keg along the dock and up Hill Street to an underground magazine.  This took them all day.  As they finally got to leave they overheard a ship's captain reaming out the officer in charge of the magazine because he'd been shorted a barrel of Grade A cannon powder.  The officer explained that there had been an unexpected shortfall of Grade A powder.  The captain was last seen dragging the officer off to explain this shortfall to the Admiralty office.

Once the party was reunited Belowdecks they slung their tartans and went to sleep, after setting a watch.  During Kirk's watch he was Befuddled.  He stood dumbfounded as short figures rushed the three sleepers and quickly wrapped them up.  He stood their watching bemusedly until a sack was thrown over his head and he was tied up too.  The party was carried carefully along the walkways until they heard the sound of footsteps change from walking on wood to walking on stone.  They were carried into a large chamber and then untied.  They stood in the pitch dark until some torches were lit and they found themselves in a large chamber that held well over a hundred trollkin.  Across the chamber was a dais with what could only be a throne on top.  To either side of the throne were six trollkins armed with muskets and wearing uniforms that seemed to mimic those worn by the Shargashi marines.  Standing beside the throne was a trollkin female wearing an Empire style dress (with three bodices for her breasts) and seated on the throne was a trollkin wearing a smart suit and sunglasses.  He addressed the party in flawless Tradetalk and informed them that he was the ruler of the trollkin, Big Grim. (Actually he was runty even for a trollkin).  He apologized for the abduction and thanked them for saving his daughter Trixie who had been wandering around without her bodyguard.  He told them that he owed them a favour and that they only needed to ask and he would help them as best he could.  They thanked Big Grim and headed back to their tartans for the rest of the night.

The next day Andrew and Fingal headed Topside to work at the Shargashi kitchens again.  On their way there however they were surprised by the sudden appearance of a naked man on fire.  He just appeared before them and fell to his knees. Andrew tried to use his extinguish spell to douse the flames to no avail so Fingal used his tartan to put the fire out.  Some onlookers recognized the man as Captain Bracegirdle of the HMS Moonswallow, a frigate mounting 32 guns.  Captain Bracegirdle was swiftly moved to the infirmary and a messenger was dispatched to the Admiralty offices with the news.  Andrew and Fingal were ordered to wait until ordered otherwise.  A great many important naval officers showed up at the infirmary to see what was going on.  Eventually the story came out.  Captain Bracegirdle had been on his command when they had sighted a bronze cylinder.  They had kept a wary eye on this cylinder but hadn't called for battle stations.  After Bracegirdle had gone to bed he was woken to be informed that a smaller cylinder had emerged and was slowly moving towards the ship.  They were somewhat concerned but the cylinder wasn't even large enough to hold enough powder to do much damage to the ship.  But then an alert was sounded as the crew discovered that tiny mannikins were marching throughout the ship belowdecks.  Bracegirdle ordered a thorough search but before it could be conducted the ship exploded killing all hands on board.  Bracegirdle had escaped by divine intervention suffering some serious burns in the process.

Andrew and Fingal were informed that the Admiralty now believed their story about the loss of the Argus.  They told the officers about the mannikin that they had discovered Belowdecks and a squad of marines were sent below decks to fetch Angus and Kirk.  They arrived in due time and told what they knew to the gathered officials.  (At some point the Duke of Winds and his bodyguard had arrived as well to be informed about the situation).  They turned the mannikin over to the Admiralty for inspection and were assigned to a new ship.  This turned out to be a sloop of war called Darkside.  The Darkside was on the exciting duty of ship escort.  The ships they were escorting were the ones hauling rocks quarried out of the Boldhome island.  (This they discovered was the only export Boldhome had.  Actually it had one more a wag said, "If you break the rocks up you can export gravel, too.")  They spent a week doing this fun task.  

When they got back to Boldhome for a rest they discovered a note with Big Grim's mark on it - a stylised crown.  They headed Belowdecks where they were met by a trollkin escort who led them to see Big Grim.  They were told that one of the trollkin nests had been overrun by some sort of enemy and Big Grim asked if they would be willing to investigate as his people were sadly too timid to face much danger.  He assigned two of his musketeers to act as scouts and lavishly equipped the party with contraband naval equipment, 3 pistols each, cutlasses, a war hammer, a grenado, even a small keg of gunpowder.  The party went to investigate and found a room inhabited by a group of weird fungal infested trollkin zombies.  They didn't have too much trouble fighting the zombies, eventually defeating the lot of them with the help of the musketeers.  (Well, they did account for one of the zombies).  There was fungus everywhere but they managed to stay uninfected.  This is where the session ended.

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