Puget Sound No Balls
How To Post Your Runs

On The Website:

1. Grab a beer

Start your web browser and
    go to

3. Login
user name: noballsh3
               password: bimbos

4. Launch Pagebuilder

Click on the open file icon and
    select the month you want to
    post run information for. For
    example, to post November's
    run, choose: RunInfoNovember

6. Once the file is open, you should
    see a layout provided for you.
Fill in your run details by clicking
    on the item that you want to

    Note: If you want to redo the design
    of the page, go ahead, but don't save
     it if you don't like it!! Use the
icon to check how things look, then
     your browser back button to return to
     editing your file.

7. Once you're done, click the save
icon and choose whether to view
     your file or not.

8. When you're done, close
    PageBuilder & Geocites.com


On The Hotline:

1. Grab a beer (or two).

2. Gather run info
       Name of hash & intro
       Number & name of run
       Run cost & what's included
       Date & time of run
       Kid friendly run & pissup?
       Run start
       Your name & contact info

3. Gather directions info
       Run Start Address
       Driving directions
       You cell phone for the lost

4. Dial (206) 528-2050 and enter
    the password:
9HHH (9444)

5. Select User Options (option #8)

6. Select To Record An Extention
    Announcement (option #1)

7. Select the No Balls Extention (#85)

8. The existing message will start. At
    the end, you can
start to record after
    the beep

(*) to skip the existing message.
    you will have a choice of recording
    a new message or leaving the existing.

9. Hit (*) to stop recording.

10. Listen to your recording. After it
     ends, you will be back in the menu
     to select another box. You can hit
     (*) to skip listening to yourself ramble.

11. Record the directions info by starting
      again at step number
7 using the
      directions info
extention (#86)

No Balls Intro Box # 85
  No Balls Directions Box #86
Need help deciding how much to charge for your run?

How To Set Run Costs
Puget Sound No Balls
Hash Hotline (206) 528-2050
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