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I support Freedom of Religion
I support Freedom of Speach
I support the right to keep and bear arms
I support States Rights to Govern themselves
I actively protest government intervention in our personal lives
And I proudly display the flag of the Confederacy

I decided to add a few pages of funny Texas Sayings. When I use one of them
furiners can't help but laugh and I've had them call me and ask me "what wus that
you said about ticks on a hound"? So here they are for your pleasure and for
pete's sake use them. Spread the humor and the grins.

 Native Texas Humor (Sayings)

What Sucks and Doesn't Suck about the Internet

The above mentioned site has helpful links for Operating System Help, a
bunch of search engines you may not know about and some tips of my own to
make surfing more fun. There are also some Internet Retailers that
are less than reputable shown. Anyway, might be a beneficial  page to visit
for lots of reasons.


Heritage Not Hate

There are approximately 8 graphics on each page.
Animations and clip art are mixed on the pages
to help in page load times. Some pages are
slow to load so please be patient.

Many hours of searching have gone into finding all the graphics on this site.  Each one was deligently sought out for a particular web page or an event on a page. Most never got used. At my age you don't like the idea of throwing away a lot of time, so to make me feel that all my considerable meandering through the www in my hunt for web page graphics was not wasted tme, I have put the results of those efforts here for you. (maybe this is a waste of time also?)
To my knowlege they are all freeware. If you find one that someone should be given credit for please let me know. I will give credit or remove the graphic.  Some,  like the beach graphics, the sites where I got them no longer exist. Too bad because they were great sites. (Ron's Beach House).
Very Few of these graphics were created my me. Paint Shop Pro is Greek to me! I take no credit except for the time spent looking for them and now putting them here. I did do a few of the backgrounds.
I am  creating a background page but for the most part, just take the backgrounds on each individual page. Bars will be throughout the site as well.
DO NOT LINK TO THIS PAGE OR ANY OTHER PAGE ON THIS SITE. Simply right click on the graphic you want and download it to your computer. 

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 Visit What Sucks and Doesn't Suck about the Internet


Below are links to some of my favorite sites for Technical help. I have long since given on on local Computer repair shops where fixing a problem always involves formating my hard drive. I can do that myself thank you. These are two sites that have helped me the most in solving my own problems. If you like to do it YOUR WAY,  visit either or both of them.

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