A pixelf is a mixture of siren and elf. They are an old race and have been around long enough to be recognized as their own race instead of just some half breeds. They tend to have the build of an elf with fae-like innate abilities and magic, though thier magic is not as strong.


Pixelves have the curious nature of fey. They like people, music, and fun. They tend to be very friendly, but can hold a grudge just the same.

Physical Description:

They look like elves with strange hair color. They are very graceful and can move on land with the same fluid grace as their siren cousins move through the water.


Pixelves get along with just about anyone. They either don't notice, or don't care when certain more somber races frown upon them. They make friends easily with humans and pixies. High Elves don't dislike the pixelves, but often find them too hyper. Their abilities with magic and music, however opens doors for them to interact with other types of elves. Dwarves tend to not understand and be overwhelmed by pixelves.


Most pixelves are of good alignment, ranging from lawful to chaotic.


The pixelves live in the city of Siren Springs. Long ago when there were a lot of half sea fey and half high elf, they decided to all live in the same location to keep others from discriminating against them. Since then they have grown into their own race.


Pixelves never made their own language, but speak common, sylvan, and elven.


Sometimes a pixelf's name is whimsical, and sometimes it's serious. It all depends on the mood the parent was in at the time of the naming. Spyder Webb is a famous pixelf, but sometimes goes by the name Spyder Starlight instead.


They love adventure and will look for any opportunity to go out and have fun. They like crowds and audiences, so they tend to travel with friends, or meet friends on their travels to hook up with.


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