Combat Codes for High Powers

Brains over Brawn -

No High Power is stronger than another unless one gives permission to another to say that theirs is weaker. Always assume you have to be smarter, not stronger than your opponent.

Realm Entrance -

Each High Power is safe in his or her own realm. No other High Power may enter anotherís realm without previous in-character permission. Once that permission has been given it can not be easily taken away. A meeting would have to be called and a joint effort of several High Powers is needed to banish one from free entrance into anotherís realm. This rule does not apply to kidnappings, (being taken against your will into a realm you canít enter otherwise) nor can the one that was taken against his or her will enter that realm freely unless given permission to do so.

This includes castles, houses, and/or palaces. Any dwelling place of the High Power is covered by this magic rule.

Stone -

Each High Power that sits on the High Council has a stone or crystal. This serves at their badge, which singles them out from the other, lower gods as a High Power. These stones also augment a High Powerís abilities, making them stronger than they should otherwise be. Most guard their stones well, for if their stone is stolen, so is their seat on the Council. This is the only aggressive way to take a seat from another without killing them. (Note to players: Do not hide your stone in such a way that you can never be replaced if your character dies or you leave the game.)

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