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                                       DESKTOP THEMES

Hi everyone and welcome to my spot on the www. Here are the “MustHave” Themes Savers and Winamp Skins, hand made by the fans themselves. If you would like me to place a link to your web site here with a theme, saver or skin that you made, drop me a email with the details of your creation to Here.


ZELDA GBC: A simply classic game in miniature. It first appeared on the Gameboy then re-released years later on the Gameboy Colour. The DX version introduced the ability to print 12 in game photos of Zelda and print them out on the GB Printer. Take a look at the screensaver below to see them once again in amazing 2D. Recently two more titles have been released for us to enjoy on the Pre-Advanced handheld.  

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG SMS: Sonic has been around for 10 years or so, appearing on all the Sega’s consoles. Now he is showing up all over the place, even on former rival machines of cube proportions. The Sms had one of best versions of Sonic out there. My Theme and the Saver below are based on the first game that came out on Sega’s Master System.

WONDER BOY III - THE DRAGONS TRAP: This is my very first Desktop that I ever made. This version took about a year and went through many transformations. It was the first game I ever owned and I still have it today. Wonder boy has a huge fan base out there with many wishing the game came out on one of today's consoles.

DONKEY KONG LAND GB: I just loved this barrel throwing, rhino riding gorilla and his sidekick chimp when it first came out in 95. The original game was so popular on the Super Nintendo, that Rare brought it to the Gameboy and changed the name from Country to Land because it was now on the tiny handheld. It was one of the first games to use 3D modelled sprites on the die-hard GB and I still think it looks so cool even today.


   ZELDA GBC:  That photographer mouse in the game that kept on popping out of no where, took 12 photos of our hero in green tights. So I’ve turned those happy snaps into a slide show of his stay on that weird island, …or was it all a dream.   
    SONIC THE HEDGEHOG SMS: The spiky blue fur ball in sneakers who we all love keeps on smashing that rotten egg Doctor Robotnic. See Sonic fight that Doc who never seems to learn his lesson.
    WONDER BOY III - THE DRAGONS TRAP: Watch the boy in various trans-formations from the game it self, and the ending. There are 20 or so shots the whole gang for you to enjoy.
    DONKEY KONG LAND GB: With amazing screen shots from the game, this saver will bring back memories of this popular game. Watch DK and his pal battle those weird end of stage bosses and my amazing maps of each land in this cool saver.



SONIC THE HEDGEHOG SMS: This skin was made by Maxim from the ever popular web site SMS Power. It features The Green Hill Zone stage from the game which is simply amazing. I love what he has done with the stage and it's colours.

WONDER BOY III - THE DRAGONS TRAP: This masterpiece was made by myself. It features my four favourite stages from the game. From the top down you'll find the Japan, Egypt, Underwater and Castle (not shown) stages. I've also modelled part of it on the menu system from the game.


SEGA MASTER SYSTEM: The classic Sega console gets a skin of it's own with this amazing piece of work. Placed around are some of the characters from our favourite games which we played on this cool game system. Made by Thöja from a superb Sega site  The Ela Fountain.

Getting Started with your Must Have theme
A Desktop Theme is made up of many parts. They are made of cursors, sounds, wallpaper, and start and shut down screens. Some themes may even include a Screen Saver. The most important parts are the cursors, sounds and wallpaper. The image editor I like to use is IrfanView. You should also have a sound editor that has a feature that can edit a track to the millisecond like Total Recorder. Last of all an Icon program which I personally think is worth every cent is Icon Forge
Of course you will also need a good Theme editor with lots of features (still looking). There are heaps of freeware programs out there to track down so keep searching. But to be a "MustHave Theme" it must be of the highest quality with attention to detail put into every part of your creation. I wish you fun times ahead.


I am not associated nor affiliated with the creators, companies, partners or associates and any of the Subject matter displayed on this site. I am also not associated nor affiliated with any Links found to and from this site.  The MustHave Themes is a non-profit site, which is owned and maintained by myself, Furanku. I am not associated nor affiliated with any copyrights not mentioned here on this Site. All Themes and Savers images, music, sounds, programs and any other multimedia accessed from this site remain the property of the subject matters creators copyright ,intellectual property and trademark owners.

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