Jesus' Childhood Friend

Think what I could have done to you
when I was young. I could have messed
you up. I could have killed you
and made you come back to life.

Instead, I decided to let you go
because your life wasn’t worth my time.
At least that is what you thought.

Your mind was so undeveloped,
your daily life consumed by fields
that had nothing to do with beauty
or how to feed five thousand.
No, instead you were more concerned
about generational thinking,
more concerned about tomorrow
than today.

Why was it you were more interested
in scientists and astrologists
and modern day religion?

For a while I couldn’t remember
if you were alive
while i was dying.
Was there a moment,
when you wished I was dead
your eyes finally opened?

january, two thousand nine

One Fish, Two Fish

One fish swims in a bowl,
a goldfish, a bluefish,
quite possibly a manfish.
Whatever kind of fish it is,
it is surely just one,
and lives in a bowl
placed on a stand
in a house near a window.

Inside the house near
the window the manfish
is like a cavefish
lonely and sightless
not knowing a glass bowl
is his world, uncertain
of his next move.

Outside the house
just twenty yards away
flows the Cedar,
a freshwater river
the manfish would love
if he ever knew it existed,
if he only knew
there's another world
outside the bowl.

When the Cedar crested
at thirty some feet in June
of two thousand eight,
the manfish, who lived
all alone near a window
in a house near the river,
found a world outside the bowl,
a much bigger bowl
with all kinds of other fishes,
like selfishfish and greedyfish,
happyfish, and selflessfish.

Years after the flood
of two thousand eight,
the manfish lived on,
enjoying an existence
with eyes wide open,
near a window, in a house,
right on the banks of the Cedar.

october, two thousand eight

how do i decide
what to believe is real
should i follow my thoughts
or just live out my dreams?
there was once a time
i worried about my heart,
but as the years pass
i know its my soul
i most trust....

september, two thousand seven

Stars on Water

When sails are set high
And the wind is just right
We can coast
Toward the shore,
We can make it
Before light.
The stars up above
Are like a guide
That we trust,
And when their light
Reaches out,
We know we are loved.

may, two thousand seven


when the earth fell
i found myself alone
in an atmosphere
if felt good and warm
but then I heard
a voice sing
i knew i wasn't alone
and i saw someone
just like you


all alone I cried
among such uncertainty
in the sky
i spotted a jewel
fall with an explosion
and i laughed
at the spectacle
knowing it reminded me
of tomorrow

march, two thousand three



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