Tips and techniques for Tablesaws

A tablesaw is one of the most versatile tools in a home shop. Here are some basic tips and techniques to get the most out of your saw.

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Table saw Tips

Jig's For your Tablesaw

Taper Jig
Lets you rip at an angle. Work is hooked on the stop block, and the jig is guided along the fence to make a cut.

Miter Board
More accurate, than the saw's miter gauge when making right and left-hand miter cuts.
One of the most useful tool's in the woodworking shop, the tablesaw which is called the benchsaw has more uses then a lot of people can imagine. but used in the wrong way can seirously injure you, thats why you must always use caution. heres a few tips to keep you safe, Read them, and live by them.!
Safety Tips

Preventing Rough Cuts
When your cutting wood for your project, does it tend to splinter?. Well here are a few ideas to make that better cut come true.

Before you begin cutting here are a few things to check to make your tablesaw perform at it's best.

Give your saw a physical examanation
#1: The sawblade is the part of your saw that gets most of the wear and tear, so check for sharpness or broken teeth.
#2: Next check the alighnment of the blade to see if it's cutting strait and true, To see how this is done Click Here

The Clean Cut.
Here are two suggetions to help get an even cleaner cut
#1: Score the line you are about to cut with a utility knife.
#2: Use masking tape on the cut line.
#3: Try setting your blade so it's about a 1/4" above the material you are cutting, the less the blade is exposed the better cut you will get.

Tablesaw Parts

Larger View
The Blade
The blade on the table saw
can be raised or lowered
to adjust cutting depth, and
can be tilted up to 45 DEG
for making bevel cuts.

The Table
The table can be made of
aluminum, steel or cast iron,
the aluminum table may have to
be bolted to the floor to keep
it from rocking, the steel
or cast iron is usually
perferable for general shop use.
the size of the tablesaw is
designated by the maximum
size blade it can use,
blades range from 6 1/2 to
12inches in diameter. The
smallest size would be used
by a cabinetmaker cutting smaller
pieces of wood. While the 12- inch
saw is used for professional contractors,

The Fence
The fence is a flat metal
bar that stands parallel to the
sawblade, it can be
locked in place any distance
from the blade and controls
the width to be cut.

The Miter Gauge
The miter gauge moves in a
grove parallel to the saw blade,
the end that rest against the
wood is adjustable you can
adjust the cut up to 45 DEG.
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