Molar Pregnancy Loss

4 August 2007 update: added a working email address to the contact button. I'm sorry if anyone tried the old address in the past.

Molar pregnancy is relatively rare in America. It happens about 1 pregnancy in 1000. Consequently it can be hard to find support for this difficult event.

Women and their families really need support when this happens. Not only is there the lost of the baby (a real baby for some and heart-felt, wished-for, and dreamed-of baby for all), there is the frightening possiblity of cancer.

This site is dedicated to providing support and resources for families heartbroken by this tragedy. It is a place where we can share our stories and find some comfort knowing we are not alone. Please email me your stories and links or join the webring below.

I believe that writing is cathartic and healing. I had a counselor who recommended clients to write about their traumatic event in as much detail as they can remember and then read the document aloud repeatedly. The purpose of this exercise is to make oneself accustomed to the event and make it just part of one's history. I guess it's like desensitization.

Hang in there. It's been four years since it happened to me. It does get better with time. God be with you.

Molar pregnancy information from the March of Dimes website stories resources contact

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