Pin Trading Comes to Tokyo Disney Land!!

I really Love Disny!
I am a Big fan of Disny.. Movies.

Right now I am into going to Disny resort. That is what  i really love to do
right now.
I have been there few times. and I bought  so many things
right now i am into collecting Pins. Coz It doesn't need to get so much
spaces to put them.

Pin trading has been held in Tokyo Disny Land. from Nov.18th.

it isn't  very much  but . I would love to tell you guys about My collection,
Pins that are sold at TDL.. and Information of TDL.

Camp Disney
Disney On Tour
TDL Photo ‚fallery

I live in Japan.
My English is Not so good, but I am trying to get it.
That is why  I started to open this site
I  would love to get friends from Other country.
If you were intersted in this site please e-mail me.

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