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My New Beetle!

My first car was a 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier. It had four doors, a grey cloth interior, a crappy am/fm cassette player and underpowered four cylinder engine. I bought it brand new in Miami, where I was told by my father that I could get a really good deal. A couple of years ago I finally paid the car off and recieved my title. I drove it for a long time and thougth that I would drive it until the wheels fell off that car, I did not expect to buy a new car for a long time. And that was because it took me a long time to pay off the car and that I thought that getting into another big debt was a not a good idea. But even before I had paid for that car, I had my eyes on buying an old VW beetle.

After 7 years of driving that Chevy I decided that this year was the one where I would drive the car that I always wanted. I had waited long enough and had worked hard too so this was the year I was going to get a car I would be happy driving everyday.
99 New Beetle

This is a little yellow new beetle I got to drive while my own was being detailed. It was a 1999 GLS model with about 16k on the odometer. The accelleration felt a whole lot looser than mine. But that is because it has been broken in. This car was a lot of fun to drive. This would have been the color I would have choosen if it wasn't so light and pastel looking. Don't get me wrong I still like that color but I would have made it taxi cab yellow like the color a school bus has.

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Comming soon! Pics of my 67 Beetle!

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