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April 22, 2001
Okay, we have all our Graphic links updated, now you have several places to get some great graphics! Just remember the Golden Rule, Do Not Ever, Ever link to someone images. If you have no idea what I am talking about the go here and get educated...
Web Etiquette is Number One!
Now, with that out of the way, I have signed on to become a Helper in GeoCites, although I am already one of the old Community Leaders, I joined the Experts Program. So I added links to ask me questions all over the place on my site, except here! Hee hee! Gotta have some where to go put my feet up.

April 12, 2001
Meow City is slowly undergoing a face lift! We are changing all our pages to a Violet color. Kind of a symbolic "Purple Passion" for Cats!
We have updated our links and webrings, so now they should be active. The Sabrina Paige Aisenberg page is updated, they now have a computer enhanced image of how she will look now.
Our Missing Childrens pages are very important, Cats needs the love and snuggles of Children, so please, while you are visiting us, take the time to go to our ChildFind pages and see if you have seen any of the missing children, their Families will thank you. We are adding to our Collectors' pages! Beanie links and great places to find Cat Collectibles!
Victorian Cats....a new place that is wonderful! We joined the Victorian Cat Society and are having so much fun building pages for it! Come See!!
Well, that's all the kitty news for now! But check back! We are getting readyu to post our garden pictures! Everything is blooming and all the little birdies are back in our yard! Windows are great!
Purrs and Headbutts....Siam the LionCat

June 08, 2000

Well Hi to all our old friends out there and Welcome to the new ones! Finally we have a page that will provide you the information you have been dying to see! What the heck have those Cats been up to lately?? Hang on to your hats and see what's cooking in Meow City!

We have a section now on collecting! Yep Yep Yep! Beanies, Cat Statues, Coins, Books, all kinds of stuff you just have to pile up! We are so proud of this section and it is growing more everyday!!-Just like our Beanie Baby Collection! The page is called Meow City Presents...Collecting is Fun! So drop in and see our stuff!

We have Pixies and Fairies in Meow City! Oodles of em! A site we came across while surfing, The Enchanted Hollow, authored and created by Nebula, is just loaded with Fairies & Pixies you can adopt and add to your site for a simple link back. You can adopt limited editions that belong to you and only you or enjoy the selections she has all over the site!

Take me to Meow Citys' new Fairy Page!

Baby Bird is working on some dumb Victorian stuff. We are both members of the now defunct C.L.A.W., but we will keep the fire alive as long as we can! So she is building her Victorian Cats Society pages. Watch for my ever impressive Animal Rights pages-or rather Animal Protection-whichever you prefer.

Well now what else? As most people do, we are always trying to update our site and keep it fun and child safe, if at any time you find problems or links that offend, please let us know, that is the only way we can fix things. Don't forget to stop in and see if you recognize any of the Missing Children we sponser on our site. Just go to Meow City Childfind and take a few moments of your time to see if you can help.

On that note, of local interest.

Ricky Thomas has now been missing almost three years. He is a young man from Bristow, Indiana and his Mom and Family are missing him terribly. There have been no leads or information on Ricky lately. Please, if you have seen him call National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST)

Indiana State Police (Indiana) - 1-812-482-1441
Your help would be gratefully appreciated. No one can realize the agony of not knowing, unless it is your family.

Well, thanks for your time and now we will let you travel on to your destination...of course we would love to have you stay in Meow City for awhile and look around!

The Official Lion Cat signature!

Gotta love this face!

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