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Our Memberships!
We are Proud members of many clubs and organizations,
both on and off the Net.
You may want to visit them and see what they offer!

Lisaviolets Cathouse Club!!
Lisaviolets Cathouse Club! A wonderful place to go!!

C.L.A.W. Proud Member

The Meditative cat! Sarah's Playgroup!

Back Fence Cat Club! Cats & Kittens Club!

T-Cats Club!

We Let Our Dollars Speak For Us at C.L.A.W.S.!!

Cat Vigil for Noah's Ark Animal Shelter
The Candle Vigil for the Noahs' Ark Animals.
This will be a statement made forever on the Internet in
Loving Memory of the animals lost in this tragedy.
The Link is gone, but we will continue to honor the
memories of the Cats maimed and killed there.
The Image is now linked to the Noah's Ark story.

NEXT!-The Library! Let's Talk Cats!

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Well, this is a start! We enjoy our different
memberships and we hope you enjoy visiting their sites!

If you would like to learn more about
Animals Issues in the news visit
Ark Online

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