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Do I really want a cat?

This seems like such a simple question. Times
being what they are, and expenses being what they are, this is NOT a simple question. A Cat is very much a child, if this offends you, then no, you don't want a cat. If this comparison warms your heart,then possibly, you may want a cat. A cat needs attention and lots of it. A cat is expensive, but well worth it, but most imperative.....a cat needs a caring, loving and responsible person who has the time and patience to know, love and care.
What exactly, do you mean by expensive?
As with any living being, there are needs. From the beginning of your relationship, which will involve shots and check ups, to spaying or neutering, and on with different health problems which may occur.

Why can't I just get a cat and
let it grow up "naturally"?

To force a cat into a life without protection or controls, is very much the same as having a child and turning it loose outside to survive. ALL pets need care. All pets need neutered or spayed. Life quality depends on the surroundings provided by caretakers, and THAT, is what you become when you choose to adopt a cat. If you would like something cute and cuddly that requires no maintenance, there are stuffed animals available.

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Have you ever asked yourself why would you spay or neuter your Cats when kittens are so cute and so much fun? Please visit the site below for an intelligent answer to that question.
Do you really care? Then Spay or Neuter today!

No More Cruelty!
NEXT!-Click here for First Aid for Your Cat

happy cat!

Organizations by the thousands are working together to change the laws.
We must combine efforts to make deliberate torture and neglect more
than just a slap on the wrist. Go
HERE to add your voice and be counted.

What happens in a shelter? A great article for your enlightenment.

An inside cat is a safe cat!


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