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Our Responsibilities to this Earth

A Quote.
Of all God's creatures,
there is only one that cannot
be made the slave of the lash.
That one is the Cat.
If man could be crossed with the Cat
it would improve man
but it would deteriorate the Cat.
Mark Twain
Every day, 19 species of life disappear from the face of this Planet.
We, presently a surviving species, have a responsibility to answer for this tragedy. The human animal does not rule this earth, nor do we own any part of it. We are simply the keepers of it until the next generation take charge. Who, you must ask yourself, is taking the watch today. Don't you think it's your turn?
We have all heard the phrase- "Today is the first day of the rest of your life". Perhaps it's time we all acted upon that premise. The time has come to answer for our actions. And to whom do we answer? Look around you. Every newspaper article you read on cruelty, every news story you hear about the child or animal or any living being for that matter, being abused, neglected, and killed affects the person you are. Nature reaps her own fury against us, and people respond in the best possible ways to help out the victims of disasters. What about the disasters of our own humanity, or rather inhumanity?
Where do we start?
Let's start with the animals. I honestly believe that is a good beginning. Don't you just adore a cuddly Kitten or Puppy? There is so much more to it than that! Like babies, the cuteness fades and sometimes it's not so easy taking care of something that doesn't talk back and demand your attention. A pet can't remind you that your schedule hasn't allowed time for them today. Perhaps a little temperamental behavior or possibly some destruction in your home, something you can easily respond to with .."Bad! No! Bad!" Stop for five seconds...
Not all of us have them, I for one would make a lousy parent. They are still out there, and they are people. Living on this planet the same as any adult. Look at them. We are killing and maiming our children! Are you aware of the statistics? Of course you are! Any one that communicates outside of the bathroom is! You would have to live in a cave not to be aware of the critical situation in this world today. Children are starving, they are beaten, kept in closets, neglected and killed for whatever weird reasons the abusers can come up with. And we shake our heads and decide the right punishment for the criminals involved then flip to page two. Let's stop here for a moment. What have I done to reach out today? Got a few extra bucks this month? How about Covenant House? Feed the Children or Habitat for Humanity? Ten dollars can help. That's not even the price of a Pizza! Just a one time gift is better than nothing. No bucks? Okay, how about time? Volunteer at a Day Care, visit the childrens wing of your local Hospital, help out as a playground monitor. No bucks & no time? Then try donating some old books to a local Care Center or making your yard "Kid Friendly" by planting flowers for them to pick or a path to shortcut through. Watch around your neighborhood for Kids that might get into trouble because someone else is too busy to watch them. Take that extra step, even if it's risky. Be nice to Kids. They're good people!
Humans' have an incredible knack to exist in filth. They pretend it isn't there, and thus, denying it's existence makes it not so! Poof! Do you look around you when you walk? When was the last time you bent down and picked up someones discarded cup or wad of paper? Your own home may be sanitized beyond belief, but what is the world, if not our home? If each and every one of us picked up a piece of someones trash every day, and did this for a year, don't you think it would improve our surroundings just a little?
The Elderly
A group of people we will all be a part of someday. Do you know how pleasant it is to spend an afternoon listening to stories about times past? Sharing history with those who were a part of it? Go out and buy a nice tea pitcher and meet someone new today. A very sweet wonderful lady told me that years ago. She's gone now and I cried terribly when she died, until her friend dropped by and I knew the chain went on forever. Take some time, meet a friend. It's contagious. Please take just a moment and read this..Just click on the Pawprint.
The Issue of Aging
Nineteen species are gone in the time it took me to build this page.
I will miss them. This Earth is limited in what it can do to protect itself. We as one of the species upon it must act immediately and diligently to preserve the gifts we were given to guard. Please don't go to sleep tonight until you have made some kind of difference. Let your responsibility become a part of you.
Be aware of every particle you breathe and know where it came from and where it's going. Proclaiming your awareness by hugging trees is not reality. Did I do all that I could with what I was given...THAT is reality. Pick up a piece of trash and throw it away. Adopt a pet from a local Animal Shelter instead of buying a "Top of the Line" purebred. Laugh the next time a child in a store is being silly, trying to get attention. Make sure they see you laugh! Feed some birds in your back yard. Pick some flowers to give to someone you've seen everyday. Stop by a nursing home on your way home someday, and just listen. Become a part of this Earth, not just a bystander. We were given a soul to give away so let's start giving.
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