Welcome! Please come in!
  Our Friendly Host!Our Cupboard-Tea and all the goodies to go with it!
  Have a Seat!Just have to wait for the tea to steep!I will join you shortly!
  Victorian Cat Society
  Welcome, come in and have a spot of tea with us!
Our personal favorite is Earl Grey, but we have quite a selection from
our very own herb garden. Try some Chamomile if you would like...we love to please!
Tea at four is proper, add some cakes and the world is perfect!
Let's discuss things!
How about Lighthouses? We are working on a wonderful place
that will tell you all about a Lighthouse that was built
a long time ago. It is no longer in use but it is just a pretty as can be!
Now then, about the VictorianCcat Society...
There are so many wonderful things to do and see there!
Sir Wally Esquire is the founder and the proprietor of the Societys' Home.
There are
Victorian Collectibles, you can visit the Seashore,
or even visit the Bed & Breakfast!
So much! Just like I was telling you!
You will never run out of things to do!
Now then, where to next?
  The Parlor
The Tea Room
The Gardens
Our Gifts and Calling Cards
Our CLAW Pages

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