last update=2/27/03
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Sad to say, RRK is dead. 2-27-03 6:16pm.  I have spent the last year enjoying this game,enjoying the racing, skinning, bull shitn, and its all over. I have met many new friends and i have appriciate it. Im glad that EA made this game, where i learned and experienced more of the car world. I have made the choice , to stop racing and stop skinning because there is no point to go on. I really dont know what im going to do with out this game, i guess ill get back to my real car or start playn with some other shit. My aol name is mco rat rod . ha, ill have to change that name .     shout outs to my fellow skinner/family.

Gonepostal - who really never posted in my threds but made some kick ass flames
ace- who made my first sig
Mariel- who i really never knew !!!!!!!!!!!!! ha thats funny- who really was HOT!
Blake- who had a big mouth, but was a KOOL GUY, <cough sometimes cough>
Blind- who was my Mini ME, ha, u made some kustom skins=)
speed ball and speedyone- u guys persona names were confusing so i really stayed away from ya... sorry , still dont know who was who....
Mr slabi- who has a cool voice, said my commercials all the time, and who was a big supporter or me and my giveaway cars.
Drakkan- who tought me to make my first Rusty skin.
Dutch- never really knew who u were , but was cool -Rat Rods Forever-
Marked Man/Hotrain/Mooneye- who were my buddies when i was Lead Sled in CCA, who loved the Rust, and ill remember that for ever.
Pro streetz- who really was a the best dragger in Xroads and who tought me to get in the 8's
Mopar426x/Joe Joe- who were priks , that thought i was a scammer.
Phil Denny- who made the only real Xroads Registry, and got me my first non spawning car
Lex- who got me, my salt flat wheels back- really didnt know u good - sorry man
Earl Krate- who was a big ass scammer- and who every one hated- who was a faget- who tried to scam me over 2 million... nice try if u see this

Back in August- i made plans that every one in New Jersey comes to Race Way Park drag strip to the swat meet in april, and for us to meet up and bull shit , well, i still want to do that, if any one lives in NJ and is going to the famous Swat meet , email me at       make sure its Saturday, the starting line at 1:00 , its the day with the hot rod car show.

time to say goodbye. ill miss this great game.

                                                                                         Steve -Rat Rodder-

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