Hello everybody!  This is Grace.  I'm 18 years old from California & this is my 1st pregnancy(TWIN BOYS!  edd:  March 13, 2002)! I started creating this page(w/ the help of a dear friend) on the last week of my 6th month so u can all share this xciting moment w/ me!  Twins don't run in our family, & neither does it on daddy's side & that's what makes it more special.  I wanna dedicate this site to my pregnancy, the coming of my babies! 
Right now, I'm
VERY SINGLE but is trying to keep good communication w/ my babies' dad & his family.  For me, as of this moment, the door is closed but all windows are open for whatever little opportunity that might come to put my 'lil family together.
My friends...all I can say about them is that this is a time u'll know who ur
TRUE friends are.  Inspite of their own troubles in life, they still find time to be there for u when u really need it, even if it means to just lend u an ear so u could vent.  Then, there were others whom even tho they couldn't be there, we still kept in touch(it's the thought that counts, u know).  & for me, that means alot!
Now I feel that I've grown & matured more, & that's thanks to the people around me.  U helped me learn alot of things & get this far.  I'm more positive now, & if ur reading this...
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Even tho I'm single, I know that my babies will get all the love they need because I have a huge family.  & as the 1st twins & the 1st GREAT GRAND BABIES, I know most of the attention will be on them!  At first of course, they were disappointed because they were hoping I won't have kids til later on in life when I'm done w/ my nursing & have fully njoyed my young life.  PLUS they really weren't sure if I can handle all there is that goes w/ the responsibilities of having & taking care of not just ONE baby, but BABIES!  But hey!  They realized later on that we can do this because we're A FAMILY, we're gonna help each other out, & of course...w/ the help of GOD!
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*Please bare w/ me.  This website is full of pictures so it may take time to load.  If u see anything w/in my site u think is urs, please email me & I will take it down.  If u have a 'baby page', u can add it w/in MY babies' page.  If u have any suggestions or lil thoughts about the site or the pregnancy, please feel free to holla' at me so I could make this more memorable for our family & more njoyable for both of us!  Thanx & hope to hear from u...*
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As u all know,,,I was xpecting my babies on the 13th of March.  But,,,I had them on the 5th.  I got induced the 4th tho,,,& for more about my birthstory,,,pls click HERE.  There are new pix every month in their pic gallery.  Im starting college this summer, taking up nursing,,,but I will also try to find some time to work on their new website a lil everyday w/c I would hopefully finish soon so I could share it w/ u guyz.  Take care all!!!
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